Tuesday, 7 May 2013

3 Things That Accelerates Sexual Assaults

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So after some time ranting on election fraudulent, I'm back to discuss this up as it has been on my draft lists for so long. 3 things that accelerate sexual assaults!

# 1 Ownership Of Woman

When a man and woman get married, the woman is often viewed as a possession. How many of you acknowledge a woman who is forced to have sex with her husband as rape? That too is an infringement on women's right and as society views a woman as someone belonged to her husband, the man takes charge of everything and forces sex upon his wife outside her will. Woman on the other hand thinks that she is meant to satisfy her partner and gives in to her forceful husband.

# 2 Endowing Men The Authority

Society has long endowed men with the authority that allows them to take women for granted. This inevitably allows men to treat women the way they want and blame women for their misery. This is why men think it is okay to blame women for rapes. That includes women's behaviour and their dressing sense which are blamed for provoking sexual arousal in men.

# 3 Pornography

Why pornography? Because it has served as a platform to disseminate the above-mentioned ideas. More often than not, women are objectified in pornography and they are being used merely as sex toys to please men on the bed. Nothing more than that! 

What do you think about this post? I welcome your thoughts and views!

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