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My Interview By Adrianna Joleigh

Last week, my lovely friend +Adrianna Joleigh interviewed me on her blog! I was so flattered with the post and her kindness to interview me who is obviously no where as compared to the other writers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful soul, Adrianna for her her excellent work in getting feedback from writers and readers all around the world.

Adrianna, I feel writers could get to know their readers better in that sense and this would boost writer-reader relationship further! I appreciate your effort taken to go from one person to another and getting their perception on the writing and reading world! May God bless you! And of course, good luck with your book too!

My interview by Adrianna Joleigh can be found in this link here

Thank you all my readers for the encouragement too and I would like to say I enjoy your feedback the most! Thank you !

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Featured Interview: Michael Wash

Extensive Interview With Michael Wash: The Author of Book from 54 Series

Mike Wash is a highly responsive consultant who has worked in various challenging and complex situation. He has wide exposures on organisation dealing with mental-health being a psychiatric nurse who is now a personal development consultant. He is currently the Director of the Retreat Hospital in York. 

Michael Wash has been writing extensively on self-help book under the series of 54 self-help books. One of his latest books is 54 Simple Truths: How to Face the Challenges of Life.Through personal grief and illness to happiness and health. Mike shares his experience in a way that gives the readers clear direction and hope for a better life.

I had an opportunity last week to work with Mike on making him a book trailer for his latest collection in the 54 series of self-help books and I'm feeling honoured to have his exclusive interview up here on my blog. A few things with great insights about him that reveals more about the birth of the books and as well as the author itself. 

Mike Wash

Who is Mike Wash and why does he writes?

Me: What are the clubs, alumni groups, school, social, religious, or business organizations to which you are affiliated?

Wash: Current job and title: Director of the Retreat HospitalYork,   Mental health Act Advisor/manager for Leeds and York Partnership Health Trust, and School governor for a local Primary School.

Me: If applicable, would you like us to use any personal background about you such as hobbies, race, religious, medical conditions, marital status, family, etc. that may help audiences be more interested in you and your book?

Wash: At the age of fifteen, after spending eighteen months in a Catholic school, training for a life of a religious teacher as a De La Salle brother, I decided to come home and face the realities of a different type of family life. The desire within me to help others was still strong, and on the eve of me leaving to do voluntary services overseas at the age of seventeen, an opportunity to join the school of psychiatry as a student nurse was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Those first few years working in a large mental institution in the early 1970s, wiped out any sense of remaining naivety or innocence I had about the capability of the human mind to destroy itself and others. My path was set, but I was unhappy to be constrained by ‘institutional walls,’ so after psychiatry, I trained as a general nurse, then as a tutor – and in my private practice, qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

The constraining nature of the ‘health’ profession was still too much, so I decided to explore alternative career options. My horizon changed significantly when after writing a paper proposing that most senior managers suffer from organisational psychoses or neurosis, I was offered a job in a large telecommunications company. Here, I introduced counselling as a legitimate form of support for the business and the value of developing a supportive, ‘facilitative change management’ style of leadership. My premise was that large organisations damage your health – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

The irony was that during this time, I battled for six months against cancer, which created a greater strength and determination in me to carry on the path of ‘healing,’ whether in the context of work or family life. During these very formative years, I also experienced the tragic death of my mother. Following an accident, she was left in a coma for several years. Also, my little sister fell ill and endured years of kidney dialysis before dyeing aged 25 from  hepatitis and kidney failure. As a trained nurse I was able to support her on home dialysis for several years.

I was married young, and one of the proudest moments of my life was witnessing the birth of my twin sons. The strain of tragedy, illness, and personal change was too much for my marriage, and divorce eventually cut the chains – enabling us both to be free and to find new happiness.

I have been running my own business for the past twenty years and feel very privileged to have worked with people and organisations passionate about wanting to change and discover their true potential. I am very happy, married to Mave, and enjoying my grandfather status and the attention of my sons and stepchildren. 

Me: Describe yourself briefly

Wash: Outgoing,relaxed,social,fun,caring,helpful

Me: What goals are most important to YOU as it relates to the publication and promotion of your book? Rate each one 1=low priority; 10=highest

 _ 4__   Make money by selling books
__3___ Become known as an author
_  10_   Provide a service/educate to the public
_  8___ Raise awareness to a worthy cause
__5___ Entertain/inform readers with a “good book”
__1___ Attract an agent
__0__   Sell rights to a movie
__6___ Find another publisher
__0__   Become a full time author
__7___ Build credibility/become known as an expert in an area
__1__   Attract new clients to a business (if applicable)

Me: What are your professional credentials and any lifestyle credentials that make you particularly well qualified to write this book? 

Wash: Trained as a Psychiatric nurse, general nurse, clinical nurse teacher and then nurse tutor., Also trained as a counselor and therapist, Author of a best selling text book on Psychiatric Nursing in the 1980s/90s. Author of the 54 series of Books – these are:

54 Tools and Techniques for Business Excellence
54 Ways to manage Change at Work
54 Approaches to Organizational Healing
54 Steps to Happiness
5 + 4 = Sweet Dreams – Bed time stories for children

Me: What drives you to write the book:

Wash: I have personally experienced many of the challenges and dilemmas and I wanted to share my experience in a way that gives readers clear direction and hope for a better lifeI wanted to give people the opportunity to access simple and important messages that could help them lead healthier and happier lives.
I felt there was a gap in the market for a book that pulled all the principles together and communicated to everyone in terms they could relate to.

Me: What are your FIVE key messages or talking points in your book? 

Be mindful of the choices you make in life and think through the consequences. People forget to breath and question themselves about what are they doing right now and what impact are they making on others and themselves – just pausing and reflecting on this may help the contribution or behavior be more effective and healthier.

You can choose to be happy or sad – be aware of why you make certain choices and what this gives you. Its very difficult to walk bare footed on warm sand on a sunny day with the sea lapping around your feet looking upwards and to be sad and depressed at the same time. Our behavior and choices we make can dictate the mood we find ourselves in. We can choose to shift our mood by doing things differently, going somewhere differently and being with positive happy people rather than being alone.

You will be faced with a challenge in life that will test your resolve to survive – you will survive and the quality of life thereafter will depend on the choices you make. Loosing a loved one. your home or faced with a terminal illness are examples of things that may test your resolve to survive – by finding meaning to these events people move on often as stronger and more capable human beings able to reach out and help others.

We are but a speck in this universe and connected to everything and everyone – this has responsibilities if we choose to accept are place in this community Understanding our relationship to this world we live in may help us live together in a more accepting way – we are all from the same gene pool and we are all human – we are brothers and sisters from the same family – lets take care of each other.

The best things in life are freely available to us right now. Extract from the book;
Each of us has our own list of the best things in life, and most of these will be free. For me, they revolve around these seven wonders of the world:

1. Love. The ultimate expression of acceptance, care, and respect of another person.

2. Giving. To truly give without expectation of return and to give back something of yourself within this world.

3. Receiving. To accept with graciousness and humility that which comes your way – especially love.

4. Forgiving. Recognising that the alternative is a heavy burden to carry, yet forgiveness can free you, and others, to a better life.

5. Listening. Listening from the heart and really appreciating what you hear.

6. Seeing. Seeing the beauty and miracle in all things.

7. Touching. To touch and be touched. Sense the connection, and be in contact with others in this world.

Me: What one thing do you want readers to learn/take away from this work?

Wash: Happiness and health is in your hands – its your choice.

Me: Who does the book appeal to and why?

Wash: Anyone who may have a question about their life at the moment? It maybe about relationships,work,love,decision,direction,moods,stress,health – anything – then its likely some chapter in this book will be of relevance.

Me: Are you or your book on social networking sites? Do you have any official websites? 

Wash: The book is linked to my interactive website forum – it encourages debate and discussion around the simple truths and offers support and further resources – it is

I also have a Facebook page

and twitter

and blog

Me: So, lastly, what are some of your future goals? 

Wash: To sell a million copies of this book world wide – realistically perhaps 1000 this year?
To continue contributing to a personal network of self help and care?
To find employment where my experience can be put to good use.
To keep fit.

I would like to thank Michael Wash for his mind-blowing interview where he chooses to share with us some of the extensive insights on his life and book and how both the elements are closely interconnected. Do drop a visit to his page and to hear his interview on BBC please direct yourself to this page:

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Job Ethics

Promotion? A word that is quite related with business. So we all promote our stuffs. When I do this post I share it on G+ and that's called promotion. We promote books too and our ideas, a way of exchanging ideas. All that is fine. But. I have recently stumbled upon some ugly, dirty tactics used in promotion of certain products. I had an offer to review drugs/medicines on their webpage. I quickly turned the offer down and I was terribly troubled with fact that people do so much just for the sake of money. What about your conscience? What does it say?

While we are all in the rush to make money, our principles we uphold are often tested. As greed takes over moral values, people change their mind fast to accept jobs that hurt their values badly. Why job ethic is so important for us?

1. Sense of Fulfilment

Any job we do should be able to give us a sense of self-accomplishment and fulfilment. People get bored with their work very often as they do not enjoy what they do or are forced to do something beyond their liking. I believe one should strongly hold on to his/her values when it comes to jobs as what matters at the end of the day is not the amount of money that goes into the bank account but the sense of accomplishment that is achieved. Someone who refuses 'unclean' jobs gets a peaceful sleep.

2. Money Isn't Everything

Money obtained the right way stays with you forever. There is no point chasing after money when happiness doesn't follow it. I chose to decline the offer as I feel I would feel guilty promoting medicines that I don't use. That review could be read by many and may be one or two would end up buying and suffer the side effects of it. I wouldn't want to be earning at the expense of someone's health.

3. Social Responsibility

While we advocate for human and consumer rights, I think the responsibility lies on us too to do the right thing by practising social justice. It doesn't grant us any rights to speak on justice when we don't do good for the public. This counts the job we do too and the ethics that have to be followed. The world will only be a better place to live in when we start doing good in our daily lives and that certainly includes our work that is pretty much the daily routine! There is no point harvesting money by neglecting social responsibility and trying to make up for the sins by doing 'charity' work just for the sake of making up good name for your company and to get some discounts on your taxes! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Island of Lote

The Island Of Lote by Emily Kinney - A Book Review

Have you all watched Life of Pi? Well, honestly when I was reading this book, I was reminded of that movie. A wonderful movie that transports you into the world of that boy and makes you life in fantasy virtually! If you liked that movie I'm sure you would closely relate to this amazing book by Emily Kinney!

This book has what it takes to make yourself glued to it so much and finds yourself getting attached to the main character named Milo. I feel Emily has done a very great job in giving birth to this character. As I was reading about Emily, a young author, I found out that she dislike being ordinary and there is always this wanting within her to be different or extraordinary and I think that has been reflected greatly in her character by the name of Milo. 

So who is Milo? Milo is a young girl about 16 years who moves from one place to another following her parents who shifts places. Milo has a very attractive character. She is rebellious and stands firm for her opinion. In other words, she is assertive. You would fall in love with the character from the first paragraph of the first page itself. Here, Emily did a good job in narrating the story! Milo's life takes an unexpected shift when she accidentally says ''Yes", one word that changes her life dramatically. 

Another special feature of this book is the unexpected twists and the way the plot progresses. Milo undergoes several huge changes in her life that makes us the readers want to read more and more. The book incorporates romance with young adult fiction genre that relates fantasy closely to reality. A story of fantasy that isn't exaggerated and falls beautiful naturally. The Island of Lote is a newly published book that gains huge reviews on popular book stores like Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. 

Emily Kinney is a young author from Maine, who has finally had her book published after many years of struggling. She is a great lover of books and storytelling in any form. You can get connected to her book through this links:


For more review, check out

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Where Is The Vigilance On Internet Information Fallacy?

Obtaining information isn't that difficult as compared to our forefather's generation where they solely depended on book and printed information to gain knowledge and news. We are living in a generation where everything is on our fingertips provided we work for it. Not even work, just a little extra effort to search Google for the needed news. By doing that, not just one but millions of relevant information would be available to you in your search engine results.

With great ease of getting information, comes the problem with the credibility of it being questioned greatly! The widespread of news can't be stopped over the internet and vigilance of the ones reading is required to filter the news? Are we good enough at it? 

I have experienced this lately when my country had the General Election on the past May 5th. So we all had an expectation on mind and we wanted this election to topple the government, the very much badly performing government which obviously doesn't deserve to be coined as the longest ruling political party among democratic countries. We all went to cast our votes and waited eagerly on that day for the result only to know that it would actually end up in disappointment. 

We have been getting extensive news regarding the results of the election through internet, which reveals a lot  on the dirty politics during the election day with pictures and videos being uploaded every now and then via YouTube. As we were so outraged on what was happening, people spoke about how badly the election was conducted and how certain parties were claiming false victory. Due to this fact, that people listen more to the bad side of one political coalition, there were news all over the place such as the very popular social media, Facebook about how cheating went on to the extent that I saw a troll on Facebook regarding the announcement of increment in bread's price a few days later after the election. I never fall for the false news as I always knew the price of that particular bread which has always been the same even before election. So people were trying to spread the wrong information and the public 'shared' the false news all over the place. There was once also something regarding oil price hike going viral also on Facebook and people, including me, immediately 'shared' the news and luckily I was saved by a friend who told me that the news was from last year's paper. 

Print media and internet have always been bias! The only good thing now is we have access to more news and sources from various places through the internet. People should take it to their advantage to gain more truthful news. People should have extra vigilance when it comes to getting news from the internet and they are solely responsible to filter the bad and take the good. Most importantly, track the internet information fallacy before sharing! 

54 Simple Truths: How to Face the Challenges of Life

54 Simple Truths: How To Face the Challenges of Life by Michael Wash - A book review

"Where is happiness?", many people would ask. In this competitive and challenging world, life's hardship often takes a toll on us and pushes us into deep misery. We may have everything one could ever dream of having and yet still be in pursuit of happiness. Some finds happiness in money, some others in people they love. But all these doesn't last long.

Why? Because happiness can be found within yourself only!

Reading this book by Micheal Wash made me realise that life is not fair and we have got to live with it! It's an eye-opening read as it makes you think for yourself why human choose to stay in comfort zone forever and never admits to the fact that life is a blend of good and bad! Michael has clearly outlined his thoughts in his book on the negative sides of life and why we have to accept it with an open heart in order to move on. 

Read this book and you will know why making mistakes, falling out of love, facing the pain of death and being lost in life are completely normal and you will be able to let go of the heavy baggage of guilt you have been carrying with you all these while. It is a book that brings you to the state of contemplation whereby you will learn to accept yourself and forgive yourself for your own mistakes!

This book is a great self-help work that aids you in understanding your stance in life and it teaches you how to take the good with the bad, accepting the fact fully and looking at the brighter side in life. Discard the resentment and your life will flourish! 

Why 54?
The answer will be revealed in Mike’s next book. But if anyone can guess the right answer then you will get a free copy of a book of your choice from the 54 series. 

Michael Wash is a highly responsive consultant who has worked with complex environments. His pages can be found in the following links:

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Millionaire Dropout: Fire your Boss. Do What You Love. Reclaim Your life !

The Millionaire Dropout by Vince Stanzione: A Book Review 

Hate your job? You feel life is going monotonously with your 8-5 daily routine? Then this book is definitely a must-read for you. 

We all have gone through a point of crossroad in life where we decide between what we like and what rewards us most when it comes to choosing a career. I'm now at that point where I would be out of university and start the working life. But guess what, not much of us do what we like. We somehow end up doing something that is believed to bring success and money all our lives that turns out to be false. Life becomes miserable and we start reflecting upon us on what defines success. 

Satisfaction comes when we do something out of our heart. It is in fact one of the ways to cope with life's trials and tribulations. It gives you peacefulness. And satisfaction doesn't always come with the job you choose to do. 

It has been a good time reading this book which highlights the greatest insights of how one should take control of his/her life, make and safe money! Very compelling self-empowerment work which gives you some sense of spirits and power upon completion of reading it. 

The author has break his thoughts down into three parts; 1) Taking Control of Your Life 2) Making Money 3) Saving Money. It helps you to identify your hidden talents and ability as you progress through the book and gives excellent inputs on business, how to market your work, make money from it and the most compelling part is his guides on how to save money. 

I will say that The Millionaire Dropout is a must read for all doing business and looking for motivation EVERYONE! Grab you copies at:

The author of this book, Vince Stanzione is a UK born self-made multimillionaire. He is active in telecommunications, publishing and financial trading. To read more about him and his book, get yourself directed to these pages:

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Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro

A book review on Women Behaving Badly by Alana Munro +Alana Munro

I am greatly attracted towards this book as it discusses some useful insights on women's attitude! Ever seen men sustaining their friendship better with other men? And women picking up some petty arguments among their group of girls and soon parting ways to become all time foes. We also often hear women complimenting each other is just an act to please each other when in reality they have a lot of things to be said behind their back! Men on the other hand, shrug any issues that are discomforting them which could possibly break friendships off with great ease!

This is the issue discussed in Alana Munro's compelling book. It provides great inside with some blatant truth on women's friendship and how women fail to empower each other in real life. I feel it's a great read for any woman who thinks women's friendship should be brought to the next level for betterment. It also serves as an eye-opening read for those advocating feminism and self-empowerment, as this book reveals what women need to do for themselves first before fighting for gender equality.

Reading this book will make you realise how traumatic and disastrous can one's life be due to women behaving badly and to what extent it could make an impact, often in the negative ways on our lives. I'm very excited as someone has chosen this rare issue to be made a book to create awareness among all ladies generally! Girls compete with each other, real women empower each other.

+Alana Munro is an author living in Australia and you can read more about her mind-blowing work by clicking on these links to her page:

AlanaMunroAuthor - the official page of Alana
Amazon link - purchase her book via Amazon
Facebook - Facebook link. Get connected!

Have a good read everyone!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blog Novel

This new page is dedicated to publish my work on writing a book. I have just decided on it and made the first move for it yesterday. Along with my other articles, you can see some updates going on here too.

My blog novel will be on:

Stories all around the world on human right activities being carried out particularly on education, women, children and war victims. I intend to gather stories all around the world and gather them together with some of my inputs and thoughts on it!! sounds good? +Arunesh Dwivedi +Shanique Roca +Adrianna Joleigh 

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Gadgetified Society

My mom got her new Tab! For a moment I thought we have our freedom more now since she is glued to her new gadget, we would be left alone to do what we want with our gadgets. The only time my mom came looking for us was when she needed some help with her new gadget and all four of us were in one corner of the house doing our own stuffs in our own world with our our gadgets!

I have been greatly frustrated with the advancement in technology at times. This is because I feel there is less human connection with the presence of it. I used to look forward to coming home so much to have some time together with family where we could sit in a circle on a bed and talk all day long but ever since the day we all got our own gadgets, things change. We may sit next to each other, being physically present with my loved ones, but in reality each one of us would be browsing something or getting connected with someone from the virtual world. At times, I feel its better to just call and talk to them or just 'see' them through Skype. Imagine when you need to see each other and speak out something when your family or friends seems busy in their own world! Isn't that freaking frustrating? 

So my mom was getting used to her tablet, and I purposely sent her the picture you see above, to her mail box and she was already reading it even before I walked from my room to the hall! And we had a good laugh together! While the internet and gadgets are good source of communication and it connects you with your loved ones when they are far away from you, you should never take them for granted when they are around. Keep your stuffs away and speak to them more, they matter the most!

Sunshine Award!

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by fiction writer Vashti Quiroz-Vega whose blog can be viewed at Vashti has always been a great encouragement from the day I got to know her, she has been following my blog posts and this nomination serves as an encouragement to write more and reach people with my message!
Like all awards there are rules and they are listed below. 
*Post the sunshine award logo.
*Then nominate ten fellow bloggers you feel are worthy of this award. Announce their nomination on their blog. Plus, link a pingback to the nominator’s blog. Make sure you take the time to click and read the other nominees blogs. Make a connection with each other!
*Then of course there are questions to be answered. This is for you all to get to know a little more about me, and I look forward to seeing your responses as well.
Favourite colour? Green.
Favourite animal? Hamster
Favourite number? 1, 10 :) 
Favourite non-alcoholic drink? coffee!! 
Favourite alcoholic drink? Never really tried before except some sip of JD.
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter promotes my work on blog all the time but I would definitely choose Facebook over Twitter. Facebook connects people widely. 
My passions? Writing and humanity work (I realised this passion just recently so I'm dedicating my writing for it)
Giving or receiving gifts? Giving hand-made cards and of course receiving gifts ( when someone cooks for you, hand-made stuffs, etc)
Favourite city? Eh, my hometown. Haha 
Favourite TV shows? I'm lame... I don't really stick to any TV shows ;)
My Nominees
1) +Shanique Roca 
2) +Justin Doolittle 
3) +Jara Switzer 
4) +Kami McArthur 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

3 Things That Accelerates Sexual Assaults

So after some time ranting on election fraudulent, I'm back to discuss this up as it has been on my draft lists for so long. 3 things that accelerates sexual assaults!

# 1 Ownership On Woman

When man and woman get married, the woman is often viewed as a possession. How many of you acknowledge woman who is forced to have sex with her husband as rape? That too is infringement on women's right and as society views woman as someone belonged to her husband, the man takes charge of everything and forces sex upon his wife outside her will. Woman on the other hand thinks that she is meant to satisfy her partner and gives in to her forceful husband.

# 2 Endowing Men The Authority

Society has long endowed men with the authority that allows them to take women for granted. This inevitably allows men to treat women the way they want and blame women for their misery. This is why men think it is okay to blame women for rapes. That includes women's behaviour and their dressing sense which are blamed for provoking sexual arousal on men.

# 3 Pornography

Why pornography? Because it has served as a platform to disseminate the above mentioned ideas. More often than not, women are objectified in pornography and they are being used merely as sex toys to please men on bed. Nothing more than that! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Democracy Is Dying!!

Too frustrated to post this up now on the ''clean'' Malaysian election. Wait for the updates!

We are all mourning the death of democracy at our country. We are frustrated and deeply irritated with the fact that there were fraudulent during our election. Despite all these anger and outrages, what we have learned from GE 13 are:

1) We are UNITED
For some reason now, we are all united, we are against the ruling government not because of racial intolerance. We have stood together, Malay, Chinese and Indian, to VOICE our opinion out. That is the real victory.

2)  We are GETTING there
We have come this far against the cronies. We have shown improvement for the a CHANGE. We broke the majority votes the ruling government had. Despite the Bangla illegal voters and frauds, we still did made a change!

3) Voice out for YOURSELVES
The government is not going to help you if you don't help yourself. This election has waken up more citizens. 85% of people came out to cast their vote. This means the level of awareness has been drastically increased. YOU as an individual should make the CHANGE

4) Say NO to racism
We have learned to say no to racism! We have learned that we shouldn't give in to the racial sparks. This is the real victory.

What we can should do more:

1) Check your voting STATUS
Many were fooled during last minute as they realised they were not listed among the voters list. My friend is one of them. He has voted before so he has not checked as his name should be registered, logically. So don't give in to these act of fraudulent. Check your names against 6 months earlier at least.

2) Get everyone register as VOTERS
I'm not sure how much effect does this post of mine going to impose, some of you may remember, some of you not. The best thing to do for yourself and family is to get all your family members who are 21 and above to register as voters and vote

3) Don't quit VOTING
My father and grandparents who were voters for so many years did not complain much or said they are not going to vote. So all the first time voters and young voters, continue voting. You will make the MAGIC one day!

4) Support the PROTEST
Support the NGO's who are protesting against the EC for fair election and cleaner Malaysia as a whole. Show your support by educating people around you on what they are supposed to know.

5) Don't be a FOOL
If you are someone who are afraid of voting against the government, this message goes to you. No one would catch you and put you behind the bars for exercising your rights. Stop being the world class fool!

6) Be EC Election Agents
For those who could do this, you ought to be the EC watching agents on the day of poll! I guess that would increase transparency. Have more people of all races join in for this.

Last but not least, life has to go on. This is our country. You can't run away and live in other place when you can't fight for your rights here, the place where you were born. I applaud the act of the public chasing the phantom voters away! That was mind-blowing!

Love you Malaysia!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Claim Your RIGHTS!!!

While the Malaysian election is going on now, the entire citizens of Malaysia are anxiously awaiting the results! Phantom voters and dirty electoral rolls are one of the main concerns for the people or 'rakyat' as majority of them want CHANGE to be implemented in the country. Updating these news as we are getting results in a few hours time! Pray for the best Malaysia!! 

7/05 Pray? Does even praying helps now when things turned out so hideous? So yeah coming to the purpose of this entry, I went to collect my portion of money for transport expenses incurred to come home for voting from one of the government political party's office on the day of election. What I found out was a bunch of ignorance society waiting over there for the same purpose too. As the election heat was still on during that day, people acted very concerned towards their rights all of a sudden. 

What do you do when you approach a government office to claim something? I'm pretty sure you would bring your identification and relevant documents with you. On top of that, when something concerns money, you need to inform the ones in charge that you would be coming to collect your money so that they could make an arrangement for it. Why on earth are our Malaysian Indians living on ridiculous ignorance and blame the authorities for not granting them money as they fail to inform people in charge about it?!

I saw them all blaming the lady for not giving them transport money. When the lady clarified the situation and told the people that they are responsible to notify about it earlier to ease preparation and arrangement, the public rebelled and said they DON'T KNOW about the procedures before hand. Does that even counted as a valid reason? 

I abhor the I DON'T KNOW statement here! Ignorance is not always BLISS people! 

Your I DON'T KNOW means:

1) You are escaping from further questions on your knowledge or credibility to exercise your rights the correct way.

2) You are a pathetic opportunist to dig your invalid share on public money.

3) You expect people to work for you all the time and for the information come knocking your door.

4) You are not steadfast and do not educate yourself on exercising your rights the fair way.

People, be fair when it comes to claiming your rights! Know what you are supposed to do and how to do it before you even think of stepping at people's door and start speaking for yourselves. That's a better identity of educated people and citizen! Don't shame yourself!

People's Power: GE13 Malaysia

Fellow Malaysians,

It's time to vote again!!! As the election fever is on everywhere in Malaysia, I would like to urge all of you who have registered as voters, to move you ass and VOTE! Each vote counts! I have gone to vote today at my polling station and the crowd was overwhelming. Things to note on:

1)Be extra cautious and vigilant when you take your ballot paper as the damn ink doesn't dry at all and it can cause your vote to be counted as spoiled vote if you smear the ink on your ballot paper!! I checked the ballot papers if it is free from any markings!! ANY small markings will render you vote void so ask for a new ballot paper. You have the rights to do so.

2)Check your voting booth's number and this will make you move faster to the polling both! I have learned that the polling booth #3 and #4 are for the young voters. So if you are a young voter, go to these lines to make your voting process faster.

3)Look around for phantom voters. You know how they look like. Don't tell me you can't identify fellow Malaysians. :)

4)I have no idea why we are given pen instead of pencil this time round but anyhow there are extra 10% ballot papers, so if in case you accidentally make a mistake, you could ask for new ones.

5)Keep your mobile phones in silent mode especially when you are already at the pooling booth.

6)You may want to print your registration slip which can be obtained from if at all there is a chaos saying you have voted before or you have not been registered.

Remember, today, we all heroes for a day! Our VOTE counts!! You guys rock!!

Friday, 3 May 2013

What Choice Of Study Makes You More Educated?

When a child is born, or perhaps even before a child is born, parents would have a lot of expectation and plan for the child. That includes education and the school they would want to enrol their child to. Now, the trend in educating children has always been focused on fields like medicine, engineering and law. Why? Because parents believe that these are the only fields that would make their children successful.

I feel the urge to write on this issue particularly because of the perception people have towards education in my society. I believe this is also a common scenario in many other places around the world. So to narrow down the issue I'm talking about, I would paint a picture for you to imagine what's going on in my society. When I was in school, all the way from the age of 7 till I passed high school, my only dream was to be a doctor. And every other students dream was also to be a doctor. From families to friends' families, producing a doctor was a dream back then. My parents were told that I'm a bright child and could do well become a doctor. That's how I thought to be successful is to be a doctor. I held on to this dream of mine so tightly until the point where I failed to secure a scholarship for it due to screwed up bias government and its policies (we are all going to put an end to this in the coming general election which is a few hours away from NOW).

Having failed to snatch a place for my scholarship, I told myself it's time to decide on life and how life should be like. I pursued A Level which is called STPM in Malaysia and secured a place for Chemical Engineering. I took the offer, telling myself that I need a challenge in life to steer away from what I thought I ought to be, to something I never opted for as a choice of study. I never kept engineering as an option in my entire life. While some of us took what came our way, some students still insisted on becoming a doctor and went on to study abroad with their father's hard earn money. I felt I wouldn't need to prove myself successful in future just by securing a job which is thought to be successful. I told myself, I define what success is and not let my profession do the work for me.

Much to my dismay, parents of the kids who are doctors look down upon families who fail to produce doctors. These pathetic families includes family friends and also relatives who ridiculously think they have succeeded in producing doctors. They could even say that any other jobs apart from those related to medical field do not guarantee good future and secured job. Among the Indian society anywhere in the world, it's so common to see at least one child being a doctor. While its notable that India and Indians produce good doctors, I think it's time to open their small brains and minds up to accept the fact that being a doctor and being successful are two different things!

There are also parents who force their will against their children's will. I had a friend who went on to be a doctor as both their parents are doctor and my friend had to be the one succeeding their business. At one other scenario, all three children pursued medicine as the father was in the medical line. Seriously, what are we trying to achieve or portray though this? We are just merely limiting our skills and talents on other fields and studies. Parents fail to see that one can be a writer, singer or politician and still be good at what he/she does. Why this prejudice on people based on profession? I feel so sorry for you, if you are one of the families I'm talking about, because I just feel your small brains are all closed up and think pathetically.

On the other hand, well-to-do families send their children to do this course, whether or not they are capable of doing or if they meet the criteria of being a doctor. What matter here is money and it speaks louder than anything else! Most of the students finding their way to do medicine is just not sure of what secures their future and thus choose to do medicine as it is thought to be lifting their torn images up.

I would rather be someone who does a course apart from medicine and still be successful to be a living proof for what I preach. To me, successful person is someone who lives life in her/his own way and make the most out of his/her talents and not just clinging onto the reputation a job gives. I'm REALLY glad I swayed away from the common notion of success the society held and challenged myself to be different from them. A successful person is meant to be successful no matter what he/she does.