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Bikini and Modesty

Bikini or Burka?What really defines Modesty?
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I have just watched a video from YouTube, a speech by Jessica Rey, an actress and a designer who has sparked a debate between the conservative and modernised world about swimwear. Jesicca says that the bikini has dis-empowered women where they allow themselves to be objectified by men. Is itsy-bitsy really that bad? Here it is the video of Jessica with her speech

Now, before we really look into the issue, think of all the aspects that needed to be analysed. 
  • Does showing your skin means being bitchy?
  • What modesty really is?
  • Where do women's choice lies and to what extent it is acceptable?
The society has this terrible idea ingrained on it's mind for a very long time. Back in the stone age, when people don't know what clothes are, they don't find it awkward to be naked. As time passes and when the world entered into the evolution era, clothes were invented to cover themselves from the harsh environment. Together with that reason, people started to cover themselves as they viewed human body as a sacred asset. Here, at this point, comes in modesty. And this is completely fine. People covering themselves because they feel the urge to uphold their dignity. 

But to cover yourself because you're afraid that men see you as an object? This is where the problem starts from.

Like Jessica has said, the invention of bikini was with the intention to objectify women. The definition of women's skin has become SEXY. Who on earth really came up with this word? People have started to view women in a different manner and when they show some skin, it is called sexy. Women have been exploited as objects in various fields from modelling to advertisement ever since then. Have you ever felt that it is a huge discrimination when men who employ models for their business calling another common women on street sluts just because they wear low cut blouses? I say the length of the dress is not going to make a difference in addressing the real issue we have. 

A lady who fully covers but treats her daughter-in-law like her slave versus a lady who wears a low-cut dress but does charity work during the weekend? Who is the woman with the bad behaviour? I'm not saying that reverting back to the old swimwear is a bad idea, but the intention in doing that causes more damage to the society as we seem to be seeking approval from people, mainly the gentlemen who may not be so 'gentle and nice'. 

Change In Mentality Is What We Need Now

I feel the amount of skin you show shouldn't be used to judge a woman and the common notion of showing skin means sexy or bitchy has to be eradicated all together. When you cover just because you don't want a man to look down upon you, you are merely seeking an approval and dancing to his tune. Force that ignorance and arrogance out of them and let them know a woman is a woman and nothing else grants them the right to objectify her, whether or not they reveal skin. 

What modesty really is? I personally don't reveal too much skin,because I don't think I would carry myself well and this is a personal opinion. Another lady or may be even you reading this, if you are a lady, would feel comfortable walking down the street with a skirt above knee length that looks fine and not obscene. Everyone has different a personality to carry and if we were to judge someone based on their appearance alone, I believe we are in the wrong track all together. A well-mannered woman can only be identified through the way she behaves with another human being. 

If showing skin is wrong, then every woman in the modelling industry has to resign to be labelled a 'good' lady. Even prostitutes would be slammed hard on this issue if it is wrong to show skin. Do we even grant women to make a choice? To me, it is very wrong for a woman to allow her body to be objectified and for a man to take advantage of any woman no matter how she dresses up. While I feel it is wrong to allow people to objectify us, ladies who are in the fashion line would feel that it is their profession and they would  stand up for their choice. At the end of the day, it is about giving woman the power to choose what they want and taking decisions based on their choice.

An Exciting Blog-Hop!

Blog Hop

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Hello everyone, my beloved readers,authors and writers. I'm feeling very excited with this new blog hop I'm hosting for all of you share your interesting post on my linky blog. I believe this is an excellent platform to share your thoughts with other readers and viewers outside your network.  I hope all of you could expand your network circle and find writers and bloggers who have the common interest with you. This can be anything from books to photography and travelling tips. Just about anything except adult content,alcohol,smoking and advertisement related posts.

I'm hosting this for the next EIGHT days and I'm really looking forward to your participation. How do you get about with this? It is pretty simple. I need you to go to the right side bar of this blog where you could see widgets attached to the side-bar. At the top right hand side corner, you can see a widget with saying 'this is a blog hop'. You will find 'click here to enter' at the end of the widget which will direct you to a page where you could fill in the relevant details to join in the fun. 

Once you have submitted your details, I would get an e-mail for your request to join the blog and I would approve it as soon as I see it adhering to the requirements. Feel free to contact me via Google + to ask me any question. 


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Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It's Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It's Our Own Damn Fault

Couch Potato Politics: Why America Is Screwed Up And Why It's Our Own Damn Fault by Mark A. Prior

A Book Review

Before I start with my reviews on this book I read, I would want to say that EVERYONE, I mean every single person anywhere in the world would be able to relate to at least 70% of this book very much because what Mark discusses in his book concerns all of us. Why? Because every damn single government functions almost the similar way all around the world. So, this is just not for Americans. This is for all of us.

This is a very newly published non-fiction book. The author's motive in writing this book is to highlight the issues happening in America that are very destructible and how its very own people have been the reason behind it. Mark is not an economist or a guy with political background. He is a common like the rest of us. The book is written in a layman's language,one just needs to be able to read to understand what he is saying. It touches on a few very important issues concerning the situation in America in which everyone could relate to, agreeing or disagreeing to what have been highlighted by him, but most of you would agree to what he has to say. Why?

I like the fact that he has touched on the media to begin with and how it has been highly monopolised by the business people and providing news that is heavily biased or with poor informative quality. He has gone in depth discussing how each media plays a bad role as a news agent and finally comes to his conclusion of how the ESPN provides news which is unbiased. On another hand, I loved the fact that he has brought forth on objectifying women in the news media where people are often swayed from listening to the information it is trying to disseminate. The fault comes back falling on the viewers as they choose to watch news that is misleading or purely basing on gossips. He has also clearly explained how the journalists were 'bought' by the media so easily that their journalistic value doesn't hold anymore. 

The another important issue concerning America that Mark has discussed which I highly second is the policy on Gun Control, the same old seasoned yet highly debatable issue of all time in American history. What is interesting is the fact that he has highlighted about how the Gun Control Law is not going to stop people from committing crime and killings. I personally feel the level of the discussion could have gone in depth touching clearly how having the gun control law wouldn't make a change when the main underlying cause of the issue has not been tackled yet. The author could have taken the readers to the future portraying how the society would react when there are still gun-based violence happening with the Gun Control Law and how the government would be blamed still for not being able to arrest the situation. If gun violence should stop, then people like Adam Lanza should stop committing such crimes and the responsibility falls back on each and every citizen to know that the gun isn't for the purpose of murdering someone else. 

This book has also another element that makes it interesting which is the "People Worth Your Time" section featuring people who Mark finds interesting and inspiring. Overall, this book is a good read for everyone who has concern for the current situation in the country. A voice from people like you and made into a book.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Teaching of Religion: Where Is The Extent of Our Obligation ?
Has Religion Blindfolded You From The Truth?

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While working on my book, reading some issues I thought would be interesting to be a part of the non-fiction book and to be shared to the world, I stumbled upon an ugly fact on how religion can imprison the mind of a man. What I read was beyond what my mind could take and I felt so disgusted that even people who were educated, living in what we say the most evolved part of the world, could second the hideous idea preached in the name of religion and take into their utmost obligation.

A man can marry and have sex with a young girl who hasn't reached puberty and a man is granted many ways to divorce his wife and take another woman according to the rules and allocation in 'that' religion. Period.

Religion: Option or Obligation?

I'm totally horrified at the fact that people, including woman could still abide to the lunatic rules and regulations. I feel that people have taken religion so seriously that anything it says has to be true and needs to be followed. The blind faith and what the holy book has to say have been ingrained into their mind and runs in their blood, like their breath, holding onto it so tight, without which they would die. It seems so hard to knock that blind ignorance out of their small mind because for them to be able to 'see' beyond the veil of religion seems so hard. Even if they have access to education, I strongly believe that the traditional and typical mindset would not be driven out if they do not choose to see things in different perspective. Education could only feed them with information, but at the end of the day, it is up to them to filter the truth and THINK for the betterment. 

I think what the society has failed to look at is the reality behind everything that religion suggests. Have we ever admitted to the fact that to some extend, what our religion tells us are all well manipulated facts by the rich, the more powerful, and the more dominating sex. How can we assure that our faiths and obligation were just merely rules made to dominate us and imprison our minds?

Sometime back I read that Philippines have long been suffering from over-population as a result of religion prohibiting birth control. This issue has been resolved favouring to women who wants birth control for better quality of life but now the law seems to be hanging over the fence again. In Hinduism and Islam, the ladies are not allowed to pray as they regard the period as 'unclean'. In Hinduism particularly, the girl is subjected to a lot of curfews during her period and I find this utter crap. The reasons I could find over various sources suggest that it is because they are unclean as there is unwanted discharge from their body. Some vaguely suggest that it is due to some scientific reason too.

To me, my take on religion is simple. One can be an Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist but he should not put his logical thinking behind his obligation to his religion. If your religion says the Sun rises in West and sets in the East, would you still agree to it? Or use your brain instead for God sake?

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Thanking YOU, Yes, You All My Awesome 40 Followers!

If you are reading this, chances are you found this post on  Blogger's blog post updates on your dashboard, from your Wordpress or from Google + updates, which all indicate that you are following me hence you see the updates of my blogging world. 

Thank You So Much
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I had the idea of making this post on my mind which I thought could be done a few days later when my exam is over. But as soon as I logged into my Blogger today and saw that I have a few more awesome people following my blog, I decided to pen my thoughts right away. This post is dedicated to all of you who have shown interest in my writing and encouraged me to write endlessly. Not forgetting my author and writer friends on Google + as well. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to express my gratitude for Adrianna Joleigh's endless motivation, who saw a writer in me and encouraged me to write, turning me to a writer from merely a blogger. I would also love to take this opportunity remembering the super-awesome Vashti Q Vega who has been a sweet lady encouraging my writing in all social media platform. I remember her adding me on Twitter, my FB fan page and everywhere else and she is just so adorable. Alana Munro for the supportive nature towards all writers in general through Support-a-Writer Page on Google + community. Glen Perkins for his wonderful support from the early days I started writing blog posts. 

For all of you who have been reading my posts or who have just joined my page, I would love to bring you to the point where the writing track begun. I have been writing for the past three months now without fail. I remember starting this blog of mine when I needed to break-free from life's devastation. I knew I already had a blogspot account where I was writing on a different blog earlier. I barely had ten posts over there and my inspiration waned off so quickly that I stopped writing. 

Making use of the platform that has always been there, I started to exploit Google + and all other social media to get myself connected to all possible writers. The support was instantaneous and overwhelming. I write to make an impact. My writings are quite blunt at times and thought-provoking. I would love to make a change if not to the world, at least to my readers and society. My posts are mainly on controversial issues and social stuffs that are worth highlighting and bringing to YOUR attention. Writing for a good cause I would say in a nutshell. 

I have received some critiques, both positive and negative which are very useful in building my writing journey. I am working on a non-fiction research which will be made into a book. It features the lives of women all around the globe, unfolding the ugly truths and revealing different faces of gender discrimination. The research would be made into blog posts too in order to get feedbacks from all of you my valuable readers. Thank you so much! 

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Everything about book promotion/review/trailers@video and extensive comments on forum/websites - Page 1 | Fiverr Forum

Everything about book promotion/review/trailers@video and extensive comments on forum/websites - Page 1 | Fiverr Forum

Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera
Shame by Jasvinder Sanghera
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During the book sale by Big Bad Wolf, I managed to grab Shame for RM 8 the moment my eyes caught this book. While I took hours to shop for books going for sale at ridiculously cheap price, I never hesitated or had a second thought to make up my mind on this one! I have seen this book a few years back when I visited a close friend's house where they had this book and I had an opportunity to flip through the book. I loved the theme the author was discussing in this book instantly and the image of the book cover got imprinted on my mind. 

So, when I saw this book selling at RM 8, I just couldn't resist. I bought it and I'm glad for the fact that I grabbed the chance to read this book. I am now in the very beginning stage of the book where the story unfolds about Jasvinder being forced to marry someone she barely knew at the age of 14. She flees away from home with the boy of her choice, who is from the lower caste, and Jasvinder was subjected for her family's curse. She was finally disowned by her family. I just couldn't believe how someone can be so mean to their own child who has chosen her own path of life and most importantly how strong beliefs and cultural restrictions could be so detrimental to a society. 

I did some background study and found that Jasvinder is now an activist advocating women's rights especially those who are subjected to forced marriage. She is also the co-founder of Karma Nirvana. I am looking forward to reading her terrifying true story further as the story develops and reveals what happens next especially the family's reaction knowing that she is now someone successful. 

I have read the book. By the time I finish Chapter 1, I was getting chocked up with the extreme hostility in Jas' house. By the end of Chapter 2, I was completely hating the mother.

Shame has traveled from her little word in Derby to every corner of the world where this book made its debut. It is not about Jasvinder's embarrassment, it is about her family's! And about how the culture has made its people to look ugly in the eye of a stranger. I believe, you, the one reading this, would feel so lucky being born and raised in a different culture. I could relate to her story so much because I have seen people living life such way.

Jas' story would make your heart skip a beat, make you want to cry and feel so bad deep inside for what has happened to her. Above all, Shame will open your eyes to the horror in some women's world. Jas' story has moved me so much and me feel like living in her shoes and experiencing her life which seems so real.

Read it!! It will change your perspective on cultures and people. 

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Why Women Were Reason Behind Their Downfall?

Hello readers, I have started work on my first book, a non-fiction research collection on women's lives around the globe. I would like to thank +Sheikh Javed Ali Sindhi here for his generosity in guiding me with extensive issues related to honour killing in Pakistan and I am truly thankful for the encouragement I get from all the other Google + readers and writers! 

In regards to the project I'm working on and as an extension to 3 Things That Accelerates Sexual Assault post, I think there were a few notable reasons why women were reason for their own downfall, knowingly and unknowingly, which could should be rectified in order to change the way they get treated by the society as a whole.

Egyptian women in Tahrir Square take part in the anti-government protests last month that led to the downfall of Hosni Mubarak. Photograph: Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images 
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1. Blind Acceptance To Traditions and Cultures

Ladies all around the world have been abiding to rules and regulations set up by their societies which are often dominated by male. They were blindly taught to accept the norms of the society without being able to question the rational behind the do's and dont's. This is true for womenfolk who lived in the 19th century as they are completely estranged from proper education that would give them the sense of empowerment to fight against injustice. 

But to think that it has taken so long for them come forward and fight against little things in their daily lives that signals gender discrimination is indeed saddening. Ladies have access to education and in fact we have had world class female leaders all around the world even during the era where photographs were still in black and white. What took them to break open the ignorance and speak for the betterment of their own kind? This is one of the issues needed to be tackled in order to foster changes into their lives.

Question things that don't seem logical. Never accept something just because that is the way things were in the past. Think for yourselves if the society is doing good for you and question the justice when you feel being discriminated for being a lady.

2. Degrading Their Own Kind

Have you seen ladies who blames another woman for her mistake that she may not even have committed? Have you heard of them accusing each other, tarnishing images to the extreme level in front of men? This seems to have been one of the most contagious habit among ladies that is very discouraging and suicidal. Why? Because this attitude creates a big loophole for the other gender to use the weakness and control women better. There is no sense of togetherness among womenfolk and this is why they are prone to fights and arguments more often than men. 

Why discourage one another and be foes for the rest of your lives? Wake up, open your eyes wide, look at the opportunity that lies ahead of you to make a strong network among your own kind. Stop degrading another lady. That is equivalent to degrading yourself! 

3. Accepting ''Men are Men'' Mentality

Men are men, they are born to be aggressive, they could do whatever they want and women have to uphold modesty and respect men all the time. Men are men, they will take advantage of women and it is completely natural thus the responsibility lies solely on women to protect themselves. 

I'm pretty sure you have heard of these famous lines uttered by people from the past generation. I don't think the blame goes completely on the other sex as ladies knew this is not suppose to happen to them and it is completely unfair but they have remained accepting things as they are. How many of you actually have trashed your male friend for their sexist remarks or stood up against discriminative gestures signalled by men at your work place? 

Insecurities place a big role in being the major hindrance to women's coward nature as they are again told that they would be in trouble questioning such issues in public or raising their voice to demand for justifications. As of today, only a small portion of women are actually going against these atrocities and that is definitely not enough to combat gender inequality at our place. 

My post on The Male Chauvinist is the display picture for one of the gigs I offer on Fiverr and were discriminated by someone in the forum suggesting that I'm a terrible hardcore feminist. I did laid my rebuttals for his baseless attacks. All I got in return was more support and an additional new order. I think it's about time women stop being the reason for their own downfall.

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Featured Interview: Adrianna Joleigh

Hello readers! If you are on my page reading this or perhaps you are one of the 35 lovely people out there following my blog right now, I would want to let you know something about my writing journey and how it has actually grown and developed into what it is right now. If you think my writing is making an impact and you are impressed with it, you should also ought to know the people behind the person I am now. 

Writing requires perseverance! Writing in a language that isn't your first language can be painful at times and reaching out readers from English speaking world is another big challenge. Without the support of lovely writers I met through Google + I would have given up writing by now. One such lovely soul is +Adrianna Joleigh !!! And she is also the reason why I decide to write a book! She is the ultimate support behind the project I have started featuring lives on women in different parts of the world, a non-fiction collection! She is an incredibly talented writer who will leave you amazed with her poems greatly intertwined with emotions! 

Adrianna, I'm happy to have found you in Google + and I'm really so proud of the achievements we all made so far! This exclusive interview is for you! Cheers!!

Where are you from? I am from a breathtaking city called Ã…rhus, in Denmark.

Why do you write? I write to release any built up frustration I have. It’s my punching bag. If I feel an overwhelming emotion then I use it to create.

What do you write about? I write about fears, my reality, and battles that we often face but are too embarrassed to admit them.

Do you have a specific writing style? I’ve been told that I have a unique writing style, but I have no earthly (or universal) clue what they are referring to. I write the story as I see it in my head. I have a vivid imagination so maybe that helps a bit but I’m not sure what sort of ‘style’ I have. Maybe someone can elaborate on what they refer to when they say that. I’d like to know so I can answer these questions proficiently lol.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? I’m a full-time mother to twins. They are my life entirely and such a joy to be around. I do crave to write often, every second of the day, but the twins need me much more than my stories. Finding the time to write has its obstacles but no doubt, they are wonderful obstacles.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work? The first time I turned my Oh-so-raw rough draft in to my editor he mentioned that I had a lot to learn, but I had raw talent. And another said that I had the ability to grab the emotions in a reader and manipulate it, causing them to feel what I felt when I wrote it. I’m not sure if they were just being nice or serious haha but I’ll never forget what they said.

How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing non-stop since September of 2012. I’ve written off and on in the past but never had the knowledge or interest to finish them.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer? I’d have to say it was this past September. I remember going through some tough times with my emotions and I went to my computer in desperation. I had to write down what I was feeling so that I could breathe. Well, one paragraph led to a page and a page into many pages and before I knew it I had a lot to say. Of course, this was a diary of mine. I reread through it and saw 1 paragraph that stuck in my mind. It was about when I was a child and the sound of footsteps walking to my room at night, and how afraid I was because I never could tell what was going to happen next. Once I read that paragraph I had an epiphany, I should write a book. If I’m going to write in my diary why not write a book? And thus came Nadia. Don’t get me wrong. Nadia isn’t about me, but if you were to dig deep into the symbolisms and really see the big picture behind it all, you’d see it also contains a diary of some sorts. The craving to write hit me then and I never and still do not rest until I write down everything I imagine.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? I would say my quirk would be how I write. I write fast and to the point the first go round, the skeleton so-to-speak. Then after I’m done with that I go back and add the muscles to the story, and once I’m finished with that I add the meat. Finally I finish it with touchups and rewording to make it flow better. It sounds like a long process, and would be to someone trying it for the first time, but it’s how my brain works and I can’t function in any other manner.

How long does it take to write a book? (if you've written one -published or non) I’ve not finished Nadia yet. However I can guess that it will probably take me a year to write it and get it ready for an agent to view. I would finish already if I had all day and night to write, but I share my time with my babies and they come first, of course. I can easily write a chapter in an hour if I was allowed a solid hour. That would be nice.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? I’m not sure I’m a person to ask about this. I’m in no way a great writer. I can tell you the advice from other writers and that is to read. Read a lot. I have my debates on that idea actually but I do, in all, agree with them.

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story? Sometimes my character argues with me. I want to go into the next room in the story and she tells me no. Unruly characters are ruthless sometimes.

What do you think makes a good story?
A convincing, relatable antagonist. A villain that is unique but with qualities that are real enough that I can relate them with a villain I have in my own life. It makes it a bit more personal that way and takes me along with the writer’s imagination.  A good conflict too.
Unpredictability. I don’t like knowing what is going to happen before it happens. I’d rather be blown away at the end. Too many clues along the way ruin the story. Like the story ‘’Book of Eli.’’ Through the entire story it took you on an emotional, thrilling, violent, and horrific ride about this man’s journey to protect something priceless, and then at the end BAM! It all falls together and what you thought was, really wasn’t. And after the puzzle pieces all came together I was in awe. I wanted to see it again. That’s what a great book, in my opinion, is about. Unexpected events and outcomes. A journey through a parallel tale that captivates us entirely to the point that we don’t know that we are reading words. But instead, we are living the life the author has laid before us. Nothing quite like it, I must say. The greatests stories ever written have to be read repeatedly to grasp the full effect of what the author is really trying to convey.

What does your family think of your writing? Some don’t know that I’m writing. I’ve shared writing with them before and I was laughed at. Not the pointing and laughing but I felt I wasn’t taken seriously and all they could do was pick at the names of my characters and the storyline, saying how it sounded silly. So, I never mentioned it to them again. My mother is now proud of me. At first she thought it was rather unimportant but now that I write for an online magazine and am published she is seeing that this is something I dream of doing.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? The moment I realized that it’s everything that I am. It’s all I think about. I thrive off of the next idea. I live in my own fantasies. I’ve always been a writer, I just never knew it, until once I began writing a few months ago it began to consume me.  You are what you dream to accomplish, and therefore I’m a writer.

Do you see writing as a career? I definitely do. I’ve had publicists contact me in the past week alone wanting to know more about Nadia and when I’ll be finished with the book. I definitely see potential of making it far. I just need to focus and see it through. Keep the momentum going and not back down.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to tell the readers? If you want to become a writer/editor/publicist, etc, by all means dream it. Dream it through your veins. Let it fill your lungs and invades your mind entirely. Those dreams are yours. No one else’s. Be proud of what you accomplish and never degrade your efforts by allowing others to bring you down. To write is a lifetime of opportunity. To create is only a talent you can possess. And the ability to conquer lies within your hands and imagination.

She can be reached at her page . 

Support her incredible poems and blog novel!