Thursday, 11 April 2013

3 Things to Achieve By 30!

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3 Things Before 30

I'll soon be out of campus and I'm in the midst of looking for a job already. I have hundreds of things on my mind and I feel there is an urge to make up my mind on what I want to see myself as by the time I touch 30! I'm 9 months away to celebrate the silver jubilee. Right now, I'm already feeling bad wasting of my time not having thought about this earlier.

So, as I age I feel the necessity to have a long time aim for my life:

  1. Complete Further Education
I have swayed from wanting to enroll in one field of studies to another to a great extent. From medicine to engineering, something I have never considered doing, not even in my wildest dream! Engineering was a big NO for me. But as I stood on the verge of deciding what to do next, having failed in securing a scholarship for medicine (for some very irritable reason), I wanted to take up the challenge of doing what I thought I could never like doing. I have always liked learning new stuff so I don't see a reason why I couldn't do engineering. I took up Chemical Engineering and I'm absolutely loving the twist I made in life. Now, as I'm 2 months away from completing my Bachelor's Degree, I face another crossroads in life. What to do next? 

Some may choose to further their studies right away, but I want to get into the real world, the working life, and see what suits me the most. I would want to have a clear picture of my career. After which I might want to decide which field of studies to choose to further my studies. I have a strong will to venture into Management Studies, again something that differs from what I'm doing. And I want this to be done by the age of 30.

    2.   Have Good Source of Incomes

I regret not thinking about freelancing earlier but I guess it's never late to start on it! I have always questioned myself what if I work for someone and lose the job, what do I do to support myself and my family, and how to cope with the cost of living. The second thing I want to ensure for the future is to have a second option as a source of income in addition to the primary job! I would want to venture into freelancing and generate some income so that I always have an option that would support me if I were to fall from my career ladder!

When I think of having a career, I'm also considering the fact that I may have to alter my job according to the needs of the family I would make in the future. Parents are expected to spend time with their children to ensure they mould their offsprings into people with values ingrained in their soul and mind. To make these a reality, men and women should tailor their working hours according to the need to spend time with family. On the other hand, women need to have a decent amount of income to be able to manage the high living expenses. I have got a lot of thinking to do now :)

    3.   Settling Down 

Settling down in three senses:
-  By the time I'm 30, I would want to make up my mind on which part on earth (or at least country) to settle down. I hate highly urbanized areas as they are just another source of additional stress!
- I would also want to ensure that I have settled my study loan by then which I now feel pretty possible. I want to be debt-free so that I could think of affording a car at least by then.
- A house is a great investment and regardless of whether I need a house to stay or not (women have husband's house to stay as another option), I feel having a house is a long time benefit! 

What do you think about this post? I welcome your thoughts and views!

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  1. Good thing you're doing. Its better to have a goal and a roadmap to reach that goal. You've made a good start by thinking about it. Best of luck! :)

    1. Thank you very much. I hope things turn out well! Best wishes to you too although I'm sure you are not heading 30.

  2. Thank you. I just turned 50!! lol... and nowhere in life, but I'm not complaining. I'm one of those out of synch I'll-cross-the-bridge-when-I-come-to-it types.

    Coming to your goals to reach by 30, they're quite practical and grounded. You seemed to be quite focussed and there's no reason why you should achieve all three by 30, if not before. But don't marry an Indian guy though, because as per your own admission they like to live off the women (wife) - so you won't have the option of a second house in the form of the husband's house! lol ;))

    1. Eugene,
      Thank you again for your comments! Well, just what I feel like achieving so that I don't feel left out in life.
      Haha, well the house. YES!!! Hey, thanks for reminding me about that! Gosh :)

  3. Hey there Jasveena,
    Congratulations on completing your BA in a couple of months! That is a great accomplishment and a good goal to be completing before you're 30.

    I myself am 29 and I am going to be thirty in about 7 scary! Time flies. I can't believe we are already in April. It is awesome to think about where you want your life to go and it can be really exciting, and at the same time take a lot of dedication, hard work and vision. I am sure that as a woman there are also other options you begin to consider as you approach 30, but it looks like you are prepared to bring those challenges on in a brave way.

    Good luck with all your goals and thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe I will do one of my own posts about reaching 30 soon.


    1. Hello Jose,
      So you are hitting 30 soon. I hope all is well at your end I'm pretty sure you have had your own aim in life which you may not have written it down but following in your subconscious mind.
      May be having a written aim is just an additional push to it! Wish you all the best in achieving your goals too!


  4. Jasveena, so very nice to read about your thoughts and feelings about reaching goals and turning 30 years of age. As the others who have posted comments have said, it is so nice to to have goals. Making progress is important but extra pressure isn't always helpful. Take some time to reflect and maybe write about what you have learned up to this point of your life your the young age of 29. Enjoy life too! Thanks for sharing! :o)

    1. A Long,
      Thank you for your thoughts and unwaning support for my writings and views!
      Agreeing with you A Long, I guess we shouldn't forget to enjoy life and the little things it has to offer but being engrossed into the pleasure of life and going with flow may also make one lazy. Haha. so I guess it has to be balanced out.
      Thank you for reading! :)

  5. I think its great that you have set goals. I have a slight idea of where I want to be by then but I can't say that I have ever set goals to reach by a certain age. I would love to have a book published by the time I'm 30 but time will tell if I'm capable of that or not.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I just wanted to have some sort of motivation. May be I'll have some of it not done by the time I'm 30 too.
      You can do it!! even if it's delayed a little it's okay. Keep your spirits high! Get going. God willing, we may achieve them!


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