Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crying - The Attribute of The Weak or The Strong?

Have you ever felt,
Like tonnes of negative vibes,                                              
Lingering on your mind,
Pulling yourself back heavily,
The moment you felt like breaking down,
But tears are just not in favour of it,
Have you ever tried holding your tears back,
Try killing the thoughts silently,
But only to find your thoughts are stronger than you,
And finally you resort to writing,
Pinning all the pains down on print,
Letting the crystal clear beads,
Roll down your cheeks,
Washing away all the impurities,
Cleansing your heart and soul,
And telling yourself,
Crying is the attribute of the strong,
Having the ability to exhibit the weakness.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Traits of An Ass - The Male Chauvinist

Look at the picture, look at the comment

Im dedicating this blog post for fellow blogger and friend +Arunesh Dwivedi for coming up with his own thoughts on the same picture and comments I'm discussing about. His blog post can be viewed here

Why wouldn't I get furious? Why wouldn't I feel like bashing someone up? I happened to see this beautiful picture with very deep meaning, that is not suggesting anything obscene, a picture which I thought worth sharing for its message but upon reading the comments I have decided to share this on my blog post to convey my own message!

That old man, yes, the one who brilliantly related this picture to male orgasm out of the blue! I went to check his profile out! What I saw was nothing but his blog posts which he shared on his page (which wasn't entertained by anyone anyway). A blog dedicated to show the world how filthy his mind could be and how disrespectful he is towards women! 

Now, we all have access to adult jokes and we do come across them every now and then. But, relating a picture like this to sexuality is an act of an ass! There is a need to draw a limit to everything and this man has clearly swayed from the limit of addressing something to sexual jokes! The never ending rape cases and violence against women are a result of people with sick mentalities like this. Why?

1. Objectifying Women

    Men like that Mr. Malhotra take women merely as an object, purely to satisfy their uncontrollable sexual pleasure. Just like greed and jealousy, when one fails to control his/her emotions, identify and analyse what is taking control over him/her, he/she falls prey to the play of the mind and feelings! When someone gets engrossed in sexual issues, they fail to see a woman as a human being. Excessive sexuality would undeniably lead to unhealthy communication with people around you and that's when women are objectified! Their eyes go beyond face while talking to women and all they do is to check out on women's physical attributes. Ask them why, they say men are like that, they tend to be so! Plain trait of a male chauvinist! 

2. Man As The Superior Sex

    While glancing through his page, I found a post with its title suggesting young women marrying older men for money! This purely suggests that men like him having a cheap perception on women, that women can be bought and they are something that can be owned! Men like Malhotra can never respect another woman or treat her with equality. He can never do justice neither to his family nor his wife! They are always in a pathetic perception that men could treat ladies anyway they want and it's the women's responsibility to uphold their dignity and safeguard themselves! 

3. Ignoring Violence Against Women

    Today, I read on two articles relating to India. One man called a minister was saying that women get raped because they act in such suggestive manner. Another news is about a 14 year old boy raping a 6 year old girl in Dehli. I feel both these news are closely related to the issue I'm discussing now. When men like Malhotra become ministers, these are the news you could expect to hear on a daily basis. The family of the 5 year old kid who got raped was given some amount of money to close the case down by the police force. People like these are the root cause of the evil bedevilling the society and corrupting them to the extent that women seems to be the second sex forever in the eye of the world! 

To those who think its okay to harm a kid for your male orgasm, I suggest you to dig a hole and shove your thing inside! Let the innocent child alone unharmed!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How To Network With Your Blog

 I have gone frenzy with blogs and blogging networks that I have just joined more than five blogging network online available. I could hardly remember what and where I have signed up for but today I really found some interesting stuffs to find bloggers of similar interest with you, where you can grow your blog and advertise it too. I'll have a hard time recalling the web pages and perhaps I should jot it down as a self-reminder! I'll be back to discuss about it.

Back! I have a few pages that I found could help promoting oneself as a writer and to share more with fellow bloggers and writer.

1. Glipho
Glipho is an exciting page that extracts your articles on blogspot and wordpress to be displayed on your glipho homepage. One of the advantages here is that it links your article to many other networks and you can easily have your page on pinterest and twitter. So this is like all in all page. On top of that, you article is open to discussion and feedback so that's an added reward for joining glipho. Here is the link to my glipho

2. Networkedblogs
One of the remarkable criteria of networkblog is that it links your article directly to your own blogger or wordpress page. This means your page will get more traffic as your readers grow. This page also allows auto-publishing to your various other social networks. It saves your time publishing your work on different pages. Here is how NetworkBlog page looks like.

3. Blogher
Blogher is a platform to showcase your work on issues related to women. It's a large social and blogging network for women in general which will give you an opportunity to be recognised as a writer. This page brings news all over the world pertaining social issues on women, therefore it expands your social circle. Here is how blogher page looks like.

4. About Me
About.Me is an awesome page that tells things about you. You can attach short bio of yourself, view and review your friend's page, add a link of this page to your e-mail, and most importantly this page allows you to link all your social media accounts on your profile. It auto-updates your blogs and you can view the page analytic!!! This tells you exactly how many people interacts with your application and social media pages. To promote yourself, get a good bio on this page! It makes wonders! This is My page!

5. Disqus
Disqus enables you to add features that aids in flexible commenting system. Imagine someone lands on your page from Facebook, they don't have G+ account, it will make things difficult for them and discourage people to make comments. This is especially for G+ users who have enabled the G+ comments on their blogs. There won't be any ways for people beside G+ users to comment on your post. Enable this great feature and import all your old comments into Disqus.

This post will be updated as I discover more useful pages related to blogging world! Stay tuned!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Random Stuffs In the Morning

So as per request, by +Shanique Roca , I thought these random facts are fun, hence I'm posting this up! 

1. Do you have any pets? Had one, died, a hamster :(

2. Name 3 things physically close to you. My laptop, phone, my clothes of course! 

 3. Whats the weather like right now? Perfect, windy

4. Do you drive, if so have you crashed? Crashed twice in four years, I still drive

5. What time did you wake up this morning? 10.30 am

6. When was the last time you showered? Yesterday night, that gives you a clue of what happened right after waking up today

7. what was the last movie you saw? Day before yesterday

8. What does your last SMS / text message say. ''K'' .. yeah that short it is

9. What is your ring-tone? Zhor Ka Jhatka

 10. Have you ever been to a different country? I guess maybe Singapore counts?

11. Do you like sushi?  Never tried it.

12. where do you buy your groceries? A small shop close to campus

13. Have you ever taken medication to fall asleep? Nope. 

14. How many Siblings do you have? 2

15. Do you have a desktop or Laptop? Laptop

16. How old will you be on your next birthday? Silver Jubilee

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Glasses

18. Do you color your hair? never

19. Tell me something your planning on doing today? Finishing up all stuffs I failed to do over the weekend

20. When was the last time you cried? Honestly, can't remember

21. What is your perfect pizza topping? anything goes(excluding beef)

22. Which do you prefer Hamburgers or cheese burgers? hate cheese

23. Have you ever had an all nighter? Yeah, not more than 24 hours. 

24. What is your eye color? Black

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? No 

Friday, 19 April 2013

Boston Bombing: News Coverage Adds Value To Death?

I have been called to write my thoughts on this issue as I have been seeing some articles around in the internet by some people who have different opinions on the recent incident of Boston bombing. While some of us feel bad for the horrible act of terrorism in Boston, regardless of what race the victims belong to, some others feel that the world is not considering the death of hundreds others in other part of the world as severely as the three victims who died in Boston bombing especially in the Muslim world and this fact has caused an uproar in the society.

Who to blame for? What stand should the society take when it comes to terrorism?

While I was organising my thoughts to write on this entry, I have got a G+ notification from +Shanique Roca in the morning for a post in G+ that closely relates to my discussion that I felt so motivated to write on it.

When I browsed through the post, I never felt like reading any comment as I know it has somehow turned into a racial issue and the comments for the thread kept coming for people choose to talk for their own people. Much to my dismay, I feel the community in Google+ has failed to identify the MESSAGE that the picture in the post was trying to convey. I felt the Syrian community, while trying to say that they too encounter similar situation, is also extending their condolences for Boston. I'm still figuring out what went wrong until the post has caused an uproar among the G+ community itself. 

1) 3 Vs. 300 or even 3000

It is saddening that terrorism is not getting an even media coverage worldwide. The world of media and news are more focused on issues pertaining developed countries like the States and this has caused uneasiness among people from Third World Country on the fact that their voices aren't heard off as much as people in Boston or just anywhere else in the world where news about their country reaches the entire world within a couple of of hours. I feel this is the root cause of all ill thoughts bedevilling all societies. I feel the amount of death shouldn't be the sole measure of how worthy life is. People fail to realise that even when Boston gets the attention of media, someone somewhere else in the same country is being discriminated, is being killed just like the way the Syrians are getting killed and it's NOT in the cover of any newspaper. While some issues come to limelight, some still remains undiscovered. Syria is one of the example, but there are so many countries sharing the same fate such as Sri Lanka on the issue of brutal mass murder of Indians in Sri Lanka.

2) Prejudices 

It is WRONG to judge every single Muslims you see on the road as a terrorist just because you have heard some of them have taken part in terrorism before. It is also wrong to judge that ALL Americans harbour resentment towards the Muslims and they do bad to the Muslims. I love reading stories from the Middle East and I feel the difficulties living life there and some stories of bold women inspire me a lot. The latest book I read on Middle East is the Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. It is a real life story portraying an American's effort in building schools for girls in Pakistan in return of the favour the mountain villagers have done for him during his expedition to climb K4. This is an ongoing humanitarian work which received its resources from Americans. Greg was strongly opposed by some fellow countrymen and claimed his work as an act of betrayal to the country when 7/11 incident occurred. While some others applaud his effort and acknowledged the fact that only love can drive hatred away. So while humanitarian works are still being done by part of the Western countries to the ones on the other side of the world, it is not justified to judge a race based on an event alone. 

Maybe someday the world would come the realisation that harbouring anger and revenge will not provide the  eternal solutions to terrorism. Boston and Syria, you are in our prayers! 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Liebster Award.

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Shelly. I guess Shelly has been following my blog anonymously(?) and that was really a pleasant surprise for me on that day to see this nomination. We all know these blog awards are mysterious in terms of its origin and it's kind of a motivation given by fellow bloggers. So, to me this just means someone recognizes my writings and they enjoy reading my thoughts and views. 

A Liebster Award is given to showcase smaller blogs who are up and coming, and who have less than 200 followers. This is an award that you accept with the intention of paying it forward. 
The rules for the Liebster Award are simple: 

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you. 
2. Choose a few new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post. 
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers. 
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award. 
5. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 
6. No tag backs! 

Question from Shelly:
1. Where do you live? - Malaysia
2. Do you have any pets? - had one. Sadly it died. :(
3. Do you work outside your home? Where? - Not working yet
4. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you wanna go?  EVERYWHERE
6. One wish? - To live life to the fullest
7. How did you start blogging? Due the drive to convey my thoughts and make an impact. 
8. What do you drive? - No car yet
9. Do you have children and if so how many? Not even married
10. Where do you see yourself in 10-15 years? Successful person as per my definition of success :)

7 stuffs about me:  
  •     I like non-fiction books so much and I get engrossed reading books which story cultures in the Middle East and its women!
  •     I fancy heels a lot and  shoe shop is like a paradise that pulls me towards it like a magnet!
  •     I like engaging in outdoor activities like beach camping and kayaking.
  •     I love doing things which others think it's out of my capabilities and I'm a fan of Charles Darwin's evolution theory.
  •     Hated engineering so much but little did I know I would end up doing Chemical Engineering. I'm loving the twist in life by the way!
  •     4'8'' tall. 
  •     I belonged to Debate Club in my university and I enjoy debating.
Questions to my nominees: 

1. What is your favourite colour?
2. What do you tend to blog about the most? 
3. What's the name of your favorite blog to follow? 
4. What is your favorite food? 
5. What is your favorite thing to do? 
6. Who inspired you to blog? 
7. Where do you eat out the most? 
8. What is the one thing you would change about your layout of your home?  
9.What is one goal for this year? 
10. Pepsi or coke? 

My nominees are: 

Have a good day :D 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Like seasons, feelings change!

That sense of excitement,
stealthily catching a glimpse,                                        
On the one you like,
The one that makes your heart skip a beat,
Is now fading away gradually,
Dull and lifeless.
When cupid makes the wrong aim,
Over again,
The euphoria love arouses,
Is never at the same intensity,
Love doesn't seem enticing,
Dates you remember fades off,
So quickly,
Memories don't evoke tears in your eyes anymore,
Like seasons, feelings change,
And just like seasons,
It takes the right one,
To make you feel the love,
All over again!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Free or Fair Education?

The issue of free education has come to limelight few months back in Malaysia as the 13th General Election is coming soon next month. It has been something all students have been looking forward to and various political parties have come up with different mandates to attract student voters and fulfill their demands. The demand arises due to the fact that many students are still struggling to clear their student loan and find themselves stuck in the midst of other debts shortly after graduating.
What happens when a student graduates with the burden of student loan? The education fee everywhere varies with your choice of study and university. Courses like medicine and engineering would inevitably cost much more than language studies or management courses. On the other hand, you should pay more when you get enrolled in universities with high reputation as the value of your certificate and education increases with the quality of the studies they offer. So, at average a student who newly graduates would have to pay an amount of RM 50,000. Apart from that, graduate students face the burden of paying monthly installment for their vehicles and managing monthly expenses such as house rentals.
So, with an average pay of RM 3,000 for fresh graduates, they find it difficult to cope with the ridiculous cost of living while paying off their debts. Hence, the demand for free education has arisen. How important free education is and what expenses will it be implemented? Many countries in the European Union which provide free education tax their citizens on other fees like registration and administration.

What can be done to ease graduate students’ burden? What really matters in an education system? I’m a student with some amount of education loan to face after my graduation and I feel free education is not the issue that should top the priority of lawmakers and students. I feel that by enlarging the duration for loan payback and demolishing the interest taxed on student loans, students should be able to settle their debts after having a well-established job.
While free education is an idea to be celebrated, I feel fair education should be the focal point of lawmakers and those in the education sector. Fair education is still a dream never came true for many people all over the world. Discrimination is education still prevails through various forms such as race and gender. For women in the Middle East, getting a balanced and fair education like their brothers is still a struggle and a dream seems impossible. While in some other countries, chances to pursue higher education are brighter for students of a particular race and religion which dampen the spirit of other students who have done equally well in studies. Worse still, education is a privilege for the rich when the poor suffer from extreme poverty. Discrimination against gender, race, skin colour and religion when it comes to education has to come to an end. Only then a country will truly flourish and the best brains of a nation can emerge champions to serve the people better. After all, everyone is entitled to have the opportunity to learn. So, what difference can it make when we neglect fair education and fight for free education instead? 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Your Instinct IS Smarter Than You!

This is based on my personal experience! I believe everyone else has gone through something similar. But, just to highlight some stuffs I feel about instinct and how it could always save you from trouble by LISTENING to it. When does your instinct gets stronger, when will it fade?

Instinct, is a complex human behaviour. Have you ever felt very uneasy while leaving your house to work, like something is holding you back and tells you not to go? You ignore the feelings and make yourself feel better by telling yourself it's nothing only to find out that it was meant as a hint or warning for a road disaster that's yet to happen. 

Instinct is heavily based on experience! What does a fisherman's instinct says when he sees a school of fishes lying dead by the beach? It triggers a tsunami warning. When someone says you need experience in a field where you work in when you apply for a job, it means that things you pick up by seeing, hearing and doing are as equally important as your theoretical knowledge. In engineering, your logic and intuition should work at its best to make predictions. 

So, getting back to what I wanted to discuss. I personally feel instinct helps you to avoid a lot of mess in life, only if you give a chance to your inner voice to rise. Your instinct speaks on almost everything you do and perhaps that's a sign of someone being alive. Your inner voice would tell you what's right and what's wrong. It would suggest you that something isn't going the right way and you may want to double-check on it. When I listen or pay heed to what my instinct says, I was always on the right track and it saves my life most of the time from miseries. There was a point in my life when I was approached by a group of senior girls in my school and I never felt good about them that I instantly knew I would get into trouble if I talk to them any longer. I was right. They were bunch of problematic students!

Your inner voice speaks at different intensity. When you choose to listen to it, it speaks for you all the time and it speaks louder as you decide to search for it. When you ignore it, the voice fades of sooner or later that you feel it doesn't alert you on anything anymore. You tend to do the wrong thing and get swayed from your track. When you get involved in wrong activities, your instinct would instantly alert you that it's not right, you take a second to digest and accept that fact but the next minute when you decide to ignore it, your inner voice fades and it stops giving alerts. You continue having fun in the road taken until something really bad hits you then you wake up from your so-called sweet phase and analyse what went wrong. You realise that you have failed your instinct and hence comes all the mess! 

I guess everyone should start analysing what they feel about something and take their time to learn what it tries to imply. If you genuinely feel good about what you are doing, then you are probably on the right track. What does your instinct says now? My instinct says I should stop rambling and get back to work ! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

3 Things to Achieve By 30!

3 Things Before 30

I'll soon be out of campus and I'm in the midst of looking for a job already. I have hundreds of things on my mind and I feel there is an urge to make up my mind on what I want to see myself as by the time I touch 30! I'm 9 months away to celebrate silver jubilee. Right now, I'm already feeling bad wasting of my time not having thought about this earlier.

So, as I age I feel the necessity to have a long time aim for my life:

  1. Complete Further Education
I have swayed from wanting to enrol in one field of studies to another in a great extent. From medicine to engineering, something I have never considered doing, not even in my wildest dream! Engineering was a big NO for me. But as I stood at the verge of deciding what to do next, having failed in securing a scholarship for medicine (for some very irritable reason), I wanted take up the challenge of doing what I thought I could never like doing. I have always liked learning new stuff so I don't see a reason why I couldn't do engineering. I took up Chemical Engineering and I'm absolutely loving the twist I made in life. Now, as I'm 2 months away from completing my Bachelor's Degree, I face another crossroad of life. What to do next? 

Some may choose to further their studies right away, but I want to get into the real world, the working life and see what suits me the most. I would want to have a clear picture of my career. After which I might want to decide which field of studies to choose to further my studies. I have a strong will to venture into Management Studies, again something that differs from what I'm doing. And I want this to be done by the age of 30.

    2.   Have Good Source of Incomes

I regret not thinking about freelancing earlier but I guess it's never late to start on it! I have always questioned myself what if I work for someone and lose the job, what do I do to support myself and my family, and how to cope with the cost of living. The second thing I want to ensure for the future is to have a second option of source of income in addition to the primary job! I would want to venture into freelancing and generate some income so that I always have an option that would support me if I were to fall from my career ladder!

When I think of having a career, I'm also considering the fact that I may have to alter my job according to the needs of the family I would make in future. Parents are expected to spend time with their children to ensure they mould their offsprings into people with values ingrained in their soul and mind. To make these a reality, men and women should tailor their working hours according to the need to spend time with family. On the other hand, women need to have a decent amount of income to be able to manage the high living expenses. I have got a lot of thinking to do now :)

    3.   Settling Down 

Settling down in three sense:
-  By the time I'm 30, I would want to make up my mind on which part on earth (or at least country) to settle down. I hate highly urbanised areas as they are just another source of additional stress!
- I would also want to ensure that I have settled my study loan by then which I now feel pretty possible. I want to be debt free so that I could think of affording a car at least by then.
- A house is a great investment and regardless of whether I need a house to stay or not (women have husband's house to stay as another option), I feel having a house is a long time benefit! 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Don't Steal My Sweetness Away

Sometimes stabs you so bad,
Stomps on your heart so hard,                                                
And expects you to pretend,
Like it has never hurt you.
I am grateful,
For I know my dark past,
Should not take a toll on me,
I know my hardship shouldn't,
Change me to someone I'm not,
But pain cautions me too much,
It hardens and numbs my soul,
So that life doesn't hurt me anyway,
I was told that,
I'm sweet and kind and caring,
I make a wish tonight,
So that life doesn't steal,
My sweetness away.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

+A Long was very kind to nominate me for this award. He is very kind and encouraging writer who inspires fellow bloggers to write. You can find his poetry and writings at this blog address.

A Long was nominated by his friend +Katherine Vucicevic and this is her link to her blog

In keeping with the rules in accepting this award, I must adhere to the following stipulations:

1) Display the award logo on my blog.

2) State SEVEN facts about myself.

3) Link back to the person who nominated you.

4) Nominate FIFTEEN other Bloggers who deserve this award.

5) Notify each of the Bloggers of their nomination for this award.

1) I'm done with this. :)

2) 7 interesting facts about me: 
  •     I like non-fiction books so much and I get engrossed reading books which story cultures in the Middle East and its women!
  •     I fancy heels a lot and  shoe shop is like a paradise that pulls me towards it like a magnet!
  •     I like engaging in outdoor activities like beach camping and kayaking.
  •     I love doing things which others think it's out of my capabilities and I'm a fan of Charles Darwin's evolution theory.
  •     Hated engineering so much but little did I know I would end up doing Chemical Engineering. I'm loving the twist in life by the way!
  •     4'8'' tall. 
  •     I belonged to Debate Club in my university and I enjoy debating.
So those are seven stuffs I could think of myself. 

3) I have linked back the person who nominated me. :)

4) These are the the most deserving bloggers for the above mentioned award! 
  1.      Adrianna Joleigh http://adriannajoleigh.blogspot.com/
  2.      Henry Toledo http://blogmyboss.blogspot.com/
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  7.      Xandria Aisha http://xandriaaisha.blogspot.com/
  8.      Linda http://lindasays-beachlover.blogspot.com/
  9.      Malika Verma http://livewiththepump.blogspot.com/
  10.      James Griffiths http://jimmygriff.blogspot.com/
  11.      Sarah Chafin http://simplysarahsblog.blogspot.com/
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  13.      Virginia Vayna http://virginiavayna.blogspot.com/
  14.      Vignesh Wara http://generalknowledgemaster.blogspot.in/
  15.      Hawke Isaacs http://storiesofaneverydayguy.blogspot.com/
  16.      Brenda Keesal http://burnsthefire.com/
I have exceeded 15 nominees. I can't decide the best 15 :(

5) Notifying all of them will be through G+. 

Nominate your friends and let the fun begin :D 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Why Indian Men Don't Deserve Their Women?

              Why Indian men? Some of you may ask. Because I have dated Indian men before so it's not justified to generalise it to all men, whom I don't know of. But, I know this criticism applies to men of other races too and if you are a non-Indian man reading this and you feel this post should be dedicated to you too, then this is for you too!

* When I say Indian men, it refers to the race not the nationality. 

  1. Ego Bigger Than Their Brains

          You may be more educated than him. Or have better sense than him. But, when he says the sun rises in the West and sets in the East, you should agree with him. Because he is a man and he is freaking right all the time. 
           Breaking an (any) Indian man's ego is like cracking a tough nut! Try telling one he is wrong at any point of his senseless talk, his ego gets upset and soon you can see his effort to intimidate you with his ugly hoarse voice! 


      2.   Double Standards & Justice

            Obedience and manners are something meant for women and it's solely their responsibility to uphold modesty all the time. Men can be out with any friends of his choice at any time of the day. Men can ogle at any girl they want and even tell that to their spouses. Indian men can sleep around with any woman because they are men, they need experience screwing up a girl to show that they are men enough to their wives.
           Let his woman do that, instantly, she is labelled a slut and whore! Woman are not supposed to talk about other men as this would instigate jealousy in them. Worse still, a widow is not supposed to remarry to support her children but a widower somehow finds a girl in replacement for marriage (and that too young, unmarried girl!!)

    3.    Wife, A Source of Income

           Gone are those days where man used to be the sole breadwinner of the family, the one who works hard to support the family financially! Shame on Indian men they are nothing more than leeches, draining their spouses energy and income to run a family. Dowry is one dirty culture of Indians that still prevails till date. Man marries a woman just for the amount of wedding gift they get in return. The lesser they get, the more the beatings and swearings the girl has to face from the man's family. 
            On top of that, educated and working girls top any man's preference as these girls could bring continuous source of income to the family. It could also be an excuse where they could rot at home all day long not moving their lazy asses to work! 

    4.   They Need Smart But Stupid Wife

          Indian men need wives who are intelligent and independent. A woman who is respected and someone who can impress a man's group of friends. She has to be smart in handling a family and professional job. She has to be beautiful like a Greek-goddess even if he looks like a duck! But she has to be stupid enough to put up with his extreme stupidity, fund his unnecessary expenses and good-for-nothing habits, agree to whatever decision he makes as the MAN of the house and face the consequences that follow! 

   5.   A Maid Unpaid

        For most Indian families, when a girl gets married to a man, it's like getting married to his entire family. She is obliged to the decisions and critics the mother-in-law makes! She has to please not only him but the entire family! She has to do all the chores and housekeeping. All these for FREE! 

       Try complying to all these rules and regulations, you will still be labelled as a woman hard to handle :)


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Marriage: Trading Sex For Money?

                                                  This picture tells you everything! 

Look around you and study the factors that drive people to get their partner? Found a similar trend?  This is what I'm going to talk about next!

          I agree financial status and looks play important roles in determining the choice we make for life partners. But, one can run out of money and beauty fades with time. We all know this fact, but still the majority of young men and women go for looks and money respectively. 

To What Extent Are Money and Looks Important?

             When women consider someone as life partners, we definitely pay importance to the financial security of a man. Most women say yes to a man who is able to provide food on table and a shelter above head. These are the basic needs in life. Apart from that, money is also needed to run a family, send kids to school and have decent standard of living.  It's hard to live without sufficient money in this world and the least a woman can do to take you as her partner is by considering a man's will to generate money to improve his living standard. I have had a man who isn't moving his ass to provide basic amenities so I know the pain of having an unsecured future in mind.
                 When men consider someone as life partners, they go for looks. I don't know about you reading this but I have seen so many of them putting looks on the top priority when it comes to choosing someone as their wife. Looks are important undeniably to be pleasant enough to the man's eyes and presentable to people addressing the woman as someone's wife. After all, men need some hot-looking girls to be introduced as their wife. This is how men and women basically think. 

What Happens When Looks and Money Overrule Love and Attitude?

                    So we know money and looks don't last. Attitude matters. The love for one's looks and money can die when the man runs out of money and the lady grows old which eventually fades her beauty. It looks pretty fake when someone falls in love for the money and looks. It's like cheating themselves. Marriage becomes like an union trading sex for wealth. As couples can't tolerate each others' attitude, they tend to live for the sake of marriage or kids or worse separate and find their own way. 
                   Good-looking women are hard to please with as they need to be showered with gifts and treats all the time. They just don't seem to take part in their men's difficulties. Some men even degrade women and label them as someone who comes after money. So ladies, money buys you and your looks? You sell your looks for money? Isn't turning out to be gross. It's no different than people selling sex for money! That makes us feel so cheap isn't?

Attitude Matters The Most

                    I feel it's essential to take time to get to know each other well and get to know their attitudes, their wants in life and their compatibility with our character. There should always be a way to glue your relationship up when it feels shattering any time soon. Good look and money aren't going to bring you anywhere. The will to look for money and make yourself presentable and beautiful is the key to any successful relationship. Screw that money and looks aside. Appreciate your partners for who they are!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dream Father For My Children

          Everyone has dreams of their big day with their Mr.Right and dream girl. The other half we have been in search for and the one who fits into our lives just like the missing jigsaw piece. I think I'd like to write my mind on what kind of father I want for my children.

I want a man who is a feminist,
Yes, you got that right and I mean it,
I need a man who respects women, acknowledges their ability and pays heed to the voice of women,
I need a man who could support what I do for living and be an encouragement, 
not someone who shuns me away from being a working woman. 

I need a man of value,
I need someone who stands for his values and principles, 
Someone who isn't easily influenced,
Someone who doesn't forgo his values for globalisation,
I need a man who could pass on these values to the children.

I need a man who is passionate,
A man who is into the things he is good at,
A human-activist,
A man who cares for the well-being of the nature,
Someone whose passion is contagious and inspiring.

I need a man who is responsible for his life,
A man whose life is in order,
Whom I believe,
Only then can he make a good life for the family.

I need a man who can teach my children to be independent,
A man who can teach them to live without money,
Someone who could support their passion,
and acknowledges their ambition,
I need a man who doesn't make my children a spoil-brat.

     I need a man of my dream and I'm not compromising on that or settling for someone I less deserve. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pain Is All We Need

You and I,
We are all walking different paths of life,
Behind that smile of every strangers,
Lies an untold story,
Coloured with joy and tanned by sorrows.

Sometimes, pain is the bitter pill,
That we all need,
Never refuse to experience pain,
It's like an antidote,
Pain protects you, strengthens you,
and builds you to become who you are,
Pain leads you to your destiny.

If you are afraid of pain,
You will never learn,
If you are walking life without pain,
You are never strong,
Rise up from your pain,
Shine bright like the sun,
Stronger than ever!