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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Featured Interview: Adrianna Joleigh

Hello readers! If you are on my page reading this or perhaps you are one of the 35 lovely people out there following my blog right now, I would want to let you know something about my writing journey and how it has actually grown and developed into what it is right now. If you think my writing is making an impact and you are impressed with it, you should also ought to know the people behind the person I am now. 

Writing requires perseverance! Writing in a language that isn't your first language can be painful at times and reaching out readers from English speaking world is another big challenge. Without the support of lovely writers I met through Google + I would have given up writing by now. One such lovely soul is +Adrianna Joleigh !!! And she is also the reason why I decide to write a book! She is the ultimate support behind the project I have started featuring lives on women in different parts of the world, a non-fiction collection! She is an incredibly talented writer who will leave you amazed with her poems greatly intertwined with emotions! 

Adrianna, I'm happy to have found you in Google + and I'm really so proud of the achievements we all made so far! This exclusive interview is for you! Cheers!!

Where are you from? I am from a breathtaking city called Ã…rhus, in Denmark.

Why do you write? I write to release any built up frustration I have. It’s my punching bag. If I feel an overwhelming emotion then I use it to create.

What do you write about? I write about fears, my reality, and battles that we often face but are too embarrassed to admit them.

Do you have a specific writing style? I’ve been told that I have a unique writing style, but I have no earthly (or universal) clue what they are referring to. I write the story as I see it in my head. I have a vivid imagination so maybe that helps a bit but I’m not sure what sort of ‘style’ I have. Maybe someone can elaborate on what they refer to when they say that. I’d like to know so I can answer these questions proficiently lol.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? I’m a full-time mother to twins. They are my life entirely and such a joy to be around. I do crave to write often, every second of the day, but the twins need me much more than my stories. Finding the time to write has its obstacles but no doubt, they are wonderful obstacles.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work? The first time I turned my Oh-so-raw rough draft in to my editor he mentioned that I had a lot to learn, but I had raw talent. And another said that I had the ability to grab the emotions in a reader and manipulate it, causing them to feel what I felt when I wrote it. I’m not sure if they were just being nice or serious haha but I’ll never forget what they said.

How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing non-stop since September of 2012. I’ve written off and on in the past but never had the knowledge or interest to finish them.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer? I’d have to say it was this past September. I remember going through some tough times with my emotions and I went to my computer in desperation. I had to write down what I was feeling so that I could breathe. Well, one paragraph led to a page and a page into many pages and before I knew it I had a lot to say. Of course, this was a diary of mine. I reread through it and saw 1 paragraph that stuck in my mind. It was about when I was a child and the sound of footsteps walking to my room at night, and how afraid I was because I never could tell what was going to happen next. Once I read that paragraph I had an epiphany, I should write a book. If I’m going to write in my diary why not write a book? And thus came Nadia. Don’t get me wrong. Nadia isn’t about me, but if you were to dig deep into the symbolisms and really see the big picture behind it all, you’d see it also contains a diary of some sorts. The craving to write hit me then and I never and still do not rest until I write down everything I imagine.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? I would say my quirk would be how I write. I write fast and to the point the first go round, the skeleton so-to-speak. Then after I’m done with that I go back and add the muscles to the story, and once I’m finished with that I add the meat. Finally I finish it with touchups and rewording to make it flow better. It sounds like a long process, and would be to someone trying it for the first time, but it’s how my brain works and I can’t function in any other manner.

How long does it take to write a book? (if you've written one -published or non) I’ve not finished Nadia yet. However I can guess that it will probably take me a year to write it and get it ready for an agent to view. I would finish already if I had all day and night to write, but I share my time with my babies and they come first, of course. I can easily write a chapter in an hour if I was allowed a solid hour. That would be nice.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? I’m not sure I’m a person to ask about this. I’m in no way a great writer. I can tell you the advice from other writers and that is to read. Read a lot. I have my debates on that idea actually but I do, in all, agree with them.

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story? Sometimes my character argues with me. I want to go into the next room in the story and she tells me no. Unruly characters are ruthless sometimes.

What do you think makes a good story?
A convincing, relatable antagonist. A villain that is unique but with qualities that are real enough that I can relate them with a villain I have in my own life. It makes it a bit more personal that way and takes me along with the writer’s imagination.  A good conflict too.
Unpredictability. I don’t like knowing what is going to happen before it happens. I’d rather be blown away at the end. Too many clues along the way ruin the story. Like the story ‘’Book of Eli.’’ Through the entire story it took you on an emotional, thrilling, violent, and horrific ride about this man’s journey to protect something priceless, and then at the end BAM! It all falls together and what you thought was, really wasn’t. And after the puzzle pieces all came together I was in awe. I wanted to see it again. That’s what a great book, in my opinion, is about. Unexpected events and outcomes. A journey through a parallel tale that captivates us entirely to the point that we don’t know that we are reading words. But instead, we are living the life the author has laid before us. Nothing quite like it, I must say. The greatests stories ever written have to be read repeatedly to grasp the full effect of what the author is really trying to convey.

What does your family think of your writing? Some don’t know that I’m writing. I’ve shared writing with them before and I was laughed at. Not the pointing and laughing but I felt I wasn’t taken seriously and all they could do was pick at the names of my characters and the storyline, saying how it sounded silly. So, I never mentioned it to them again. My mother is now proud of me. At first she thought it was rather unimportant but now that I write for an online magazine and am published she is seeing that this is something I dream of doing.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? The moment I realized that it’s everything that I am. It’s all I think about. I thrive off of the next idea. I live in my own fantasies. I’ve always been a writer, I just never knew it, until once I began writing a few months ago it began to consume me.  You are what you dream to accomplish, and therefore I’m a writer.

Do you see writing as a career? I definitely do. I’ve had publicists contact me in the past week alone wanting to know more about Nadia and when I’ll be finished with the book. I definitely see potential of making it far. I just need to focus and see it through. Keep the momentum going and not back down.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to tell the readers? If you want to become a writer/editor/publicist, etc, by all means dream it. Dream it through your veins. Let it fill your lungs and invades your mind entirely. Those dreams are yours. No one else’s. Be proud of what you accomplish and never degrade your efforts by allowing others to bring you down. To write is a lifetime of opportunity. To create is only a talent you can possess. And the ability to conquer lies within your hands and imagination.

She can be reached at her page . 

Support her incredible poems and blog novel! 

Friday, 31 May 2013

My Interview By Adrianna Joleigh

Last week, my lovely friend +Adrianna Joleigh interviewed me on her blog! I was so flattered with the post and her kindness to interview me who is obviously no where as compared to the other writers! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the beautiful soul, Adrianna for her her excellent work in getting feedback from writers and readers all around the world.

Adrianna, I feel writers could get to know their readers better in that sense and this would boost writer-reader relationship further! I appreciate your effort taken to go from one person to another and getting their perception on the writing and reading world! May God bless you! And of course, good luck with your book too!

My interview by Adrianna Joleigh can be found in this link here

Thank you all my readers for the encouragement too and I would like to say I enjoy your feedback the most! Thank you !

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Featured Interview: Michael Wash

Extensive Interview With Michael Wash: The Author of Book from 54 Series

Mike Wash is a highly responsive consultant who has worked in various challenging and complex situation. He has wide exposures on organisation dealing with mental-health being a psychiatric nurse who is now a personal development consultant. He is currently the Director of the Retreat Hospital in York. 

Michael Wash has been writing extensively on self-help book under the series of 54 self-help books. One of his latest books is 54 Simple Truths: How to Face the Challenges of Life.Through personal grief and illness to happiness and health. Mike shares his experience in a way that gives the readers clear direction and hope for a better life.

I had an opportunity last week to work with Mike on making him a book trailer for his latest collection in the 54 series of self-help books and I'm feeling honoured to have his exclusive interview up here on my blog. A few things with great insights about him that reveals more about the birth of the books and as well as the author itself. 

Mike Wash

Who is Mike Wash and why does he writes?

Me: What are the clubs, alumni groups, school, social, religious, or business organizations to which you are affiliated?

Wash: Current job and title: Director of the Retreat HospitalYork,   Mental health Act Advisor/manager for Leeds and York Partnership Health Trust, and School governor for a local Primary School.

Me: If applicable, would you like us to use any personal background about you such as hobbies, race, religious, medical conditions, marital status, family, etc. that may help audiences be more interested in you and your book?

Wash: At the age of fifteen, after spending eighteen months in a Catholic school, training for a life of a religious teacher as a De La Salle brother, I decided to come home and face the realities of a different type of family life. The desire within me to help others was still strong, and on the eve of me leaving to do voluntary services overseas at the age of seventeen, an opportunity to join the school of psychiatry as a student nurse was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Those first few years working in a large mental institution in the early 1970s, wiped out any sense of remaining naivety or innocence I had about the capability of the human mind to destroy itself and others. My path was set, but I was unhappy to be constrained by ‘institutional walls,’ so after psychiatry, I trained as a general nurse, then as a tutor – and in my private practice, qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist.

The constraining nature of the ‘health’ profession was still too much, so I decided to explore alternative career options. My horizon changed significantly when after writing a paper proposing that most senior managers suffer from organisational psychoses or neurosis, I was offered a job in a large telecommunications company. Here, I introduced counselling as a legitimate form of support for the business and the value of developing a supportive, ‘facilitative change management’ style of leadership. My premise was that large organisations damage your health – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

The irony was that during this time, I battled for six months against cancer, which created a greater strength and determination in me to carry on the path of ‘healing,’ whether in the context of work or family life. During these very formative years, I also experienced the tragic death of my mother. Following an accident, she was left in a coma for several years. Also, my little sister fell ill and endured years of kidney dialysis before dyeing aged 25 from  hepatitis and kidney failure. As a trained nurse I was able to support her on home dialysis for several years.

I was married young, and one of the proudest moments of my life was witnessing the birth of my twin sons. The strain of tragedy, illness, and personal change was too much for my marriage, and divorce eventually cut the chains – enabling us both to be free and to find new happiness.

I have been running my own business for the past twenty years and feel very privileged to have worked with people and organisations passionate about wanting to change and discover their true potential. I am very happy, married to Mave, and enjoying my grandfather status and the attention of my sons and stepchildren. 

Me: Describe yourself briefly

Wash: Outgoing,relaxed,social,fun,caring,helpful

Me: What goals are most important to YOU as it relates to the publication and promotion of your book? Rate each one 1=low priority; 10=highest

 _ 4__   Make money by selling books
__3___ Become known as an author
_  10_   Provide a service/educate to the public
_  8___ Raise awareness to a worthy cause
__5___ Entertain/inform readers with a “good book”
__1___ Attract an agent
__0__   Sell rights to a movie
__6___ Find another publisher
__0__   Become a full time author
__7___ Build credibility/become known as an expert in an area
__1__   Attract new clients to a business (if applicable)

Me: What are your professional credentials and any lifestyle credentials that make you particularly well qualified to write this book? 

Wash: Trained as a Psychiatric nurse, general nurse, clinical nurse teacher and then nurse tutor., Also trained as a counselor and therapist, Author of a best selling text book on Psychiatric Nursing in the 1980s/90s. Author of the 54 series of Books – these are:

54 Tools and Techniques for Business Excellence
54 Ways to manage Change at Work
54 Approaches to Organizational Healing
54 Steps to Happiness
5 + 4 = Sweet Dreams – Bed time stories for children

Me: What drives you to write the book:

Wash: I have personally experienced many of the challenges and dilemmas and I wanted to share my experience in a way that gives readers clear direction and hope for a better lifeI wanted to give people the opportunity to access simple and important messages that could help them lead healthier and happier lives.
I felt there was a gap in the market for a book that pulled all the principles together and communicated to everyone in terms they could relate to.

Me: What are your FIVE key messages or talking points in your book? 

Be mindful of the choices you make in life and think through the consequences. People forget to breath and question themselves about what are they doing right now and what impact are they making on others and themselves – just pausing and reflecting on this may help the contribution or behavior be more effective and healthier.

You can choose to be happy or sad – be aware of why you make certain choices and what this gives you. Its very difficult to walk bare footed on warm sand on a sunny day with the sea lapping around your feet looking upwards and to be sad and depressed at the same time. Our behavior and choices we make can dictate the mood we find ourselves in. We can choose to shift our mood by doing things differently, going somewhere differently and being with positive happy people rather than being alone.

You will be faced with a challenge in life that will test your resolve to survive – you will survive and the quality of life thereafter will depend on the choices you make. Loosing a loved one. your home or faced with a terminal illness are examples of things that may test your resolve to survive – by finding meaning to these events people move on often as stronger and more capable human beings able to reach out and help others.

We are but a speck in this universe and connected to everything and everyone – this has responsibilities if we choose to accept are place in this community Understanding our relationship to this world we live in may help us live together in a more accepting way – we are all from the same gene pool and we are all human – we are brothers and sisters from the same family – lets take care of each other.

The best things in life are freely available to us right now. Extract from the book;
Each of us has our own list of the best things in life, and most of these will be free. For me, they revolve around these seven wonders of the world:

1. Love. The ultimate expression of acceptance, care, and respect of another person.

2. Giving. To truly give without expectation of return and to give back something of yourself within this world.

3. Receiving. To accept with graciousness and humility that which comes your way – especially love.

4. Forgiving. Recognising that the alternative is a heavy burden to carry, yet forgiveness can free you, and others, to a better life.

5. Listening. Listening from the heart and really appreciating what you hear.

6. Seeing. Seeing the beauty and miracle in all things.

7. Touching. To touch and be touched. Sense the connection, and be in contact with others in this world.

Me: What one thing do you want readers to learn/take away from this work?

Wash: Happiness and health is in your hands – its your choice.

Me: Who does the book appeal to and why?

Wash: Anyone who may have a question about their life at the moment? It maybe about relationships,work,love,decision,direction,moods,stress,health – anything – then its likely some chapter in this book will be of relevance.

Me: Are you or your book on social networking sites? Do you have any official websites? 

Wash: The book is linked to my interactive website forum – it encourages debate and discussion around the simple truths and offers support and further resources – it is

I also have a Facebook page

and twitter

and blog

Me: So, lastly, what are some of your future goals? 

Wash: To sell a million copies of this book world wide – realistically perhaps 1000 this year?
To continue contributing to a personal network of self help and care?
To find employment where my experience can be put to good use.
To keep fit.

I would like to thank Michael Wash for his mind-blowing interview where he chooses to share with us some of the extensive insights on his life and book and how both the elements are closely interconnected. Do drop a visit to his page and to hear his interview on BBC please direct yourself to this page: